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Blog Buddy Program | Blog Buddy Program
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Welcome to the Blog Buddy Program Membership Website

Get help & give help to fellow bloggers in the Blog Buddy Program! A committed Blogging Membership Community for finding other "Blogging Buddies" and progressing through your blogging journey together! Offering a variety of activities for our Blogging Members, via blogger activities, events, collaboration opportunities, media and motivation for bloggers, and live online communities.

Once registered you begin to progress through our gamified membership experience for bloggers as we help motivate and inspire you to continue your blog! Earn coins, progress through levels, and engage in friendship, discussion forums, and a consistent blog - full of awesome motivation, friends, and resources for Bloggers Everywhere!

What's the Buddy Program?

Tired of blogging alone with no one who understand what you're doing, let alone why your doing it?

Our Free Program pairs two bloggers together by Niche and start them on a Free 12 Week Guided Email journey of supporting each other. By learning from each other, we hope that you experience growth, friendship, and companionship for the betterment of your Blog, Content, and Website. Simple requirements, easy sign ups.

The idea for the program started in 2018 and the Creative Team started working on the Website, Community, and Program. The launch of the Program has been long awaited and has been loving developed for the growth of personal expression, and the beauty of helping each other grow, improve, and develop our creations.

Find a potential friend, partner, collaborator, and fellow blogger. Learn more about our Free Buddy Program. 

Long Term Program Goals: We are currently in Stage 1 of 4 of the Program. Eventually Members will be able to register, and use a search feature to find and collaborate their own Blog Buddy Network.

To help us reach our goals consider becoming a Best Buddy? This is why our content can remain free for all! <-- The Inside Story

Our Creative Team Story

You can read Part 1 of Our Story here. 

Our Creative Team of Bloggers started this blog together in September of 2018 with the Buddy Program Sign Ups in mind. In November, we decided to launch a complete membership website for bloggers, because of our passion and devotion to help other bloggers find friendship, and benefit from getting help from other bloggers, as well as GIVING help to other bloggers. After a haitus over the Summer of 2019, the Program is being created and implimented for the Blogging Buddies!

What started as a collab blog, a Google Form, and a Facebook Group became all of this... With a little help from my blogging friends... 

Recently Active Members

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Blogging Buddies Communities

Our Blogging Buddies Online Communities can be found in our Facebook Group (Guide), and Live Discord Chatroom (Guide). These online communities are supported by the Blog Buddy Program Creative Team, and all members are expected to Register as Members, abiding to our Terms, Code of Conduct, and Policies. This encourages us all to respect, love, and care for each other in common blogging edicate. These communities are for Bloggers Everywhere to connect, contribute, collaborate, network, and share their creations. The goal of BPP is to give and get help from fellow bloggers with compassion, understanding, and kindness. Our personal blogging goals may differ widely, and our niche of interests may be vast. But our personal goal of self expression, social awareness, artistic growth, and valuable reasearch can be delivered into each and every blog. By offereing our community a place to interact in this way, we hope that bloggers everywhere are able to better navigate the waters of the blogging journey.

Go to Blogging Buddies Online Communities FORUM

Our Blog Wellness Newsletter (Info) is for anyone and everyone who is interested in our website, program, membership, community, and blogging. Thank you for your support and we hope to connect with you all in whatever ways best suit your blogging wants, needs and goals.