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  • This forum can cover an array of topics that you may need support assistance with regarding being a member of one of our online communities, teams, events or activities that you may have heard about. 

    So, anything with the Featured Heading Image for Blogging Buddies, can be discussed here.

    If you have questions or issues with the website, membership, or the buddy program please review the Support Center for FAQs and our Knowledge Base first. Many of your questions can be be found resolved or answered by using Search Bar.

    If you have a suggestion for Blogging Buddies we would prefer if you instead used our Suggestion Board on Trello (start here). But if you do not wish to bother with Trello then this is the next best place to make Suggestions and Requests. We then will take information from the forum topic and process it within our workflows and get back to you. Although this may take some time depending on the request.

  • Welcome to the forum where bloggers can hangout and talk, discuss, ramble, and even promote openly with the other bloggers registered here.


    The Need-to-Know Blogging Buddies Forum Info:

    • By using our forums you are agreeing to our Terms & Policies including but not limited to: Our Commenting/Forum Use Policy, Privacy Policy, and Code of Conduct. You can review these pages at the bottom of EVERY PAGE of our website Footer.
    • You must register as a member (it’s free) to use and contribute to our forums. This is to protect our fellow bloggers who use this site in confidence, and you will go through a manual approval process which is usually confirmed within 12 hours of registration.
    • Some of our forums may be viewable to the public, some are private use for Registered Members Only. This depends on the nature of the parent forum, topic, and discussion. Please keep this in mind when using our forums.
    • If you are not a blogger, but still would like to contribute to our forums you can do so by registering as a Guest. You will be allowed a Guest Forum Profile, but remain inactive in our Blogger Open Membership Profiles and integrations. This is great for those who are business, marketing, or coaching professionals that may want to “give back to the bloggers” out there, by contributing to our blogging-related-forums.


    Some of our forums are related to our Newsletter, so you may want to also subscribe so you stay in the loop. This is different than receiving website notifications for forum updates (which you can do for specific topics you use) controlled in your profile settings. Our newsletter is written with love by our Creative Team Lead and Co-Owner, Lee Bowden.