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Welcome To Our Buddy Program

Have you been wanting a blog buddy?

The ultimate goal of the Blog Buddy Program is to build you a place for friendship, networking, and collaboration between bloggers. Yea followers are great, but why do you blog? Do you blog for them? Or for you? Sometimes the "good post" comments don't go very far in encouragement or are all that helpful to further your blogging journey. That's where we come in!

Our Creative Team offers you the opportunity to connect with fellow bloggers in a personal way. Finding you someone who understands our blog-related woes, and cheer you on our blogging successes. That’s where the idea for a Blog Buddy Program (BBP) came from. It's like a “buddy system” for bloggers!






  1. Register as a member 
  2. Subscribe to the newsletter series 
  3. Join our communities

2) Check Your Email

Once you've subscribed to the Newsletter you will receive an Instant Access Welcome Email with everything you need to know about getting a Blog Buddy and our 12 Week Blog Improvement Series. The topic of the week is revealed every Monday! All of our content and weekly events are usually based on the current series.

After you register for our membership here, you must Confirm Your Email Address (preferably the email address you have with Your Blog, Gravatar or WordPress, so that your user profile syncs with Gravatar). Once you have confirmed your membership, you may log in as a member.


We encourage everyone to be honest, helpful, thorough and dedicated to their participation in this Blog Buddy Program and it's online Blogging Buddies Communities! As a Member there is a whole world of blogging opportunity here for you! You can level up, earn coins, achievements, special permission badges, write blog posts, add activities for bloggers, and access our Blogging Education Center with free courses and training for our Program.

You can choose to be assigned a buddy by our team, or you can find your own Blog Buddy with our Find A Buddy Member Search. With your Personal Blogging Profile, you can make friends, follow others,  update your stream, change settings, join discussion forums, ask questions, vote, and... PARTICIPATE!

The more you do here, the more you earn. You'll never get writer's block again. Our blogging journey together has only just begun fellow bloggers!


Our motto is to "Get Help & Give Help To Fellow Bloggers". Our values are of friendship, collaboration, teamwork, and organization. The potential for you to become a better blogger, give back to other bloggers, and make your blogging journey exciting, motivating, and REWARDING!

Get involved:

  • Weekly Events
  • Fresh Content
  • Blogging Buddies Communities
  • Discord Chatroom!
  • Podcast
  • 12 Week Series


Weekly Events

Blogging Buddies || Online Communties

Get Involved In the Community!

We have a number of communities online for you to join without actually signing up for the program too. So if you're just looking for some blogging friends and support then you're in the right place! Check out the Blogging Community Page for all the details about our Facebook Group, Live Chats on Discord, Twitter, and even a new Pinterest Community!

The 12 Week Blog Improvement Series Newsletter comes out on Monday each week where we provide "buddy prompts" in the form of questionnaires, surveys and free downloads for you and your blogging buddies to use independently. We encourage you to share the prompt results with your buddy and openly discuss your blogging journey together.

Although the email newsletter is designed for all of our followers and members, so feel free to opt-in even if you're not ready for a Blog Buddy of your own right now.

Every day we host a new follow thread in our Blogging Buddies Facebook Group, and there's always someone in the Discord Chat to talk to.

Learn more about our Communities and Profiles Online here!


We hope to provide a quality community of bloggers who become supportive friends and valuable partners in this way of blog networking. Oh, and have we mentioned yet that it's FREE.

Tell Us What You Think!


If you have any ideas, suggestions, or general recommendations specific to the program described here, send us an email at



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