An ongoing log of our journey together as blog buddies! As a running timeline you can see our Milestones, Achievements, and Announcements here!


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8/21/18: Milestone || Lee has joined Ruth in collaboration of The Blogging Buddies Group and has launched the first program sign up. Currently accepting members to sign up NOW. The first assignment will be completed by September 2nd. You will be notified with the group to who your assigned buddy is.

9/2/18: Assigned New Buddies || The first Blog Buddies were assigned for September hosted by Lee at Loving Life![/su_spoiler]


Most Relevant Entries


9/16/18: Milestone || Lee reached out to fellow bloggers and built a BBP Creatives Team to build the idea, and this website! Thanks to Vicky, Anne, and Kate. We’re alive and well!

10/1/18: Milestone || This very website is up and ready to support the BBP fellow bloggers! Together!

10/2/18: Assigned New Buddies || October Blog Buddies have been assigned and emails launch in the morning! Check your email!


Buddy Announcements


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