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Here you can Apply for Membership Registration. Select the option that best suits you. You will be directed through the manual approval process. Please confirm your account email address and add to your contacts. Once approved, all appropriate access will be granted upon your first login. 


Member Type Descriptions

  • Open Membership is the default options for fellow bloggers with features including (but not limited to) Gamification Ranks, Leveling and Earning Systems, Blog Profile, Forums, Groups, Activities, and Educational Resources (Full Details)
  • Pro Membership is available for bloggers who are interested in expanding their network, collaboration, and technical skills. With more access to courses, groups, personal help desk, and our Networking Center and much more to come! (Full Details)
  • Guest Members are non-bloggers who wish to either become a blogger, support bloggers or help the blogging community. Some features and pages are limited to protect the collaboration environments for our Open and Pro Member bloggers. Limited profile, no gamification leveling although they may earn rewards such as coins, tokens, and credits.
  • Sponsors are supporters of the growth and development of the Blog Buddy Program and it's Blogging Buddies Community efforts. Mentioned and thanked in all podcasts, videos, or other live events made possible by our Sponsors! After Registration, we will contact you personally to discuss any details with you about development and opportunities!


Becoming A Verified Member

You must progress through Member Levels 1 and 2 to Become A Verified Member. Once verified you will receive a checkmark (Blue for Open Members, Purple for Pro Members, Orange for Team, Red for Sponsors, Green for Guests). Guest Members cannot complete all necessary tasks to progress through Gamification (as a non-blogger) so we manually apply Guest Verification as we see fit. Sponsors are verified upon personal contact with a Team Member.

This process may take a few days to complete.  The reason behind this manual method of Verification is to encourage and motivate member engagement and security. When members can see this visible checkmark on other member profiles, they KNOW what it takes to become Verified themselves, a certain respect can be provided between members. It may be encouraging to know that our Creative Team is involved and pro-active in creating a safe environment for bloggers to make friends, network, collaborate and communicate openly.

Members are required to earn a small number of level tokens, pass a Beginners Membership Course, and Introduce themselves. Once you have responded to a message from our Creative Team, you will become a Verified Member. Applies to both Open and Pro Members.


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