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This is where you can find all the fun stuff to do. Run out of creative blog ideas? Hang out here and you might just find exactly what you're looking for to spark some creative motivation and inspiration! Buddy loves a good survey, and polls are always a super interesting way to gain insight from the masses. And if you're not trying to directly network right now, but have a few ideas for guest posts and stuff. Well, there's a bit about how to be active without being Pro-Active. And just for fun, we'll make a few attempts to make you smile a little along the way.

This page is updated frequently, so come back soon! Thanks for visiting!


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Activity Listings


Activity Listings

As soon as you reach Rank 2 or higher, you are able to create Activity Listings easily. These are public opportunity listings that you may create. Other blog members (from any rank) may "apply" for the opportunity. It is up to you to be creative, and include any and all relevant information about your activity, including how to apply.


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