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Bloggers are always busy finding new ideas for posts, collaborations, chats, and social shares. So we're happy to use this "job listings" application for a "blogging activity" train of sorts! (You must reach Rank 2 to create Activity Listings here.) Any Verified Member may view, apply, or join an open Activity.

This could be an event, link party, blog tag, giveaway, Instagram pod, referral opportunity, affiliate opportunity, anything really. As long as it's blogging related, something that other blogs may join or participate in. You can limit the number of people, or person, you may be looking for but this must be clearly stated in the listing.

It's important that you include ALL RELATED INFORMATION including description, due dates, number of bloggers needed, blog ULR or other related links, and a good way to contact you.

By participating in these Activity Listings in any way, you are agreeing to our Code of Conduct. Please review this carefully (it's not long) as it is important to understand what kind of content is allowed, and what content will be removed and why. You can Report invalid, disrespectful, or off-topic listings at our Support Center.

Listings that remain inactive for longer than 30 days may be removed. To continue to have your listing public please include a "last updated" line at the bottom of the listing, along with an "expected close date" so that we do not close or remove your listing too early. When your Activity is no longer active, or the position has been filled, please close your own listings.

Thanks so much for participating!


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