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Lee occasionally will do Live Blog Reviews on Facebook Live Video. Each review is about 10-15 minutes in which Lee quickly views your blog and provides overall tips and ways to improve your blog.

Originally Lee did this every Friday to attract our first members and bloggers but has since become VERY busy and can’t keep this up weekly. Instead, we are offering this as a service for those who apply and qualify. When there are 3-5 bloggers to review Lee will set an event date to “Go Live”.


You may apply to have your blog reviewed if you: 


  • Are a Best Buddies Patreon (Yes, the Access Pass Counts!)
  • Are a Registered Member + Member of Our Facebook Group + Subscriber (Yes, all three)
  • If you are Registered Member at Rank 3
    (Then you are not required to be a member of the group or subscriber or patreon)


To apply simply send an email to 

Include the following information in the email:

If you are a Patreon, please state so in the email

Name (as seen on Facebook/Patreon), registered email address (to verify membership on our site), subscribed email address (if different than membership email).

Your Blog URL, what if anything in particular you would like to be reviewed.

You will receive a response to confirm your Live Blog Review request once verify that you indeed qualify. 

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