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Welcome to our Blog Buddy Program's Affiliate Rewards Center where you will find everything you need to know about becoming an Official Affiliate of the Blog Buddy Program. Let's be honest, we run a simple and clean link referral system. You can register for your own link, and then use your links in multiple ways (please read our legal pages thoroughly before viewing or registering as a Member, Pro Member, or Affiliate). You can earn a small commision for any approved Pro Member Subscription.

About Our Affiliate Rewards Program

Barter Your Referrals for Free Merch at Our Shop!

You can simply use the Member Link found on your Profile. This will trigger "Credits" which can be used to "trade" or "cash in" for rewards at our Shop! Opening around March 2019! Save up and get yourself some free merch! Simply for sharing your member profile #referral link. This is a super easy link to use with our Members Badge!

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Earn Cash Referral Rewards

OR register for an Official Affiliate Link and Earn Cash Rewards. This link does not earn you tokens, but any new verified member who registered with your link earns you $1. When you have at least $20 Affiliate Reward amount, we will send you a personal check or Gift Card Choice. You can request this at the bottom of this page.


You can do both methods, or use only one method. It's up to you! 

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