We’re a few days into yet another AMAZING bundle of resources provided to us via Ultimate Bundles. And it’s a good one, as always! I want to share with you why we love being affiliates for the Ultimate Bundles, and why we think you will too!


For most bloggers, probably the most difficult stage of blogging is when you become serious enough about it, to start monetizing your blog. You probably know that affiliate marketing accounts for a mass amount of profit for bloggers, dare I say the majority of income for most bloggers.

It’s overwhelming at first, to start swimming through all the many options you have about monetizing your blog:

  • What kinds of things do you want to be an affiliate of?
  • Do the companies and products I love have affiliate programs?
  • How do you apply, and better yet when you do, what next?
  • There are places like ShareASale and the rest, but how do I make the most out of those affiliate offers anyways?


I know for me, the most confusing part wasn’t how to become an affiliate, or even what kinds of things I wanted to rep. It was what to do when you become an affiliate to make the most out of your recommendation, and the product or service.

Enter affiliate programs like Ultimate Bundles…

(this is one of those: aha-They-DO-exist! moments…)


Here’s why I love Ultimate Bundles the most:


  • Ultimate Bundles are a well respected company with a great reputation
  • Their bundles and products are valuable, and worth every penny
  • The bundles are AFFORDABLE, let alone A TOTAL BARGAIN!
  • They give you tons or resources for each bundle, making your job easy!
  • Their support group on Facebook is quality and in itself, a great education spaces to learn about affiliate marketing


You don’t have to take just MY word for it, here’s what some of the other Creative Team member’s thoughts about being an affiliate of Ultimate Bundles:


Vicky says:

“I am a member of a few affiliate programs but none of them are as rewarding as this one. You get so much by being a member and I would recommend it to anyone starting out in the affiliate market. They do all the work of searching for the good courses for you and provide all the information you could ever need in one place. The platform is easy to use and you get so much for you money. I definitely recommend them because I love the Ultimate Bundles!”


Anne says:

“Being an affiliate for Ultimate bundles is amazing. Once you get accepted into the program you get access to a ton of free training to help you make an income from promoting their bundles. This was the first affiliate program that I joined and I’m so glad I did. I have learnt a lot about affiliate marketing because of Ultimate Bundles. Joining Ultimate bundles will be an amazing step for you in the process of monetizing your blog.”



How Did We Find the Ultimate Bundles?

No surprise, I found the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit last year and fell in love! I immediately applied, but again, no surprise, they had put their applications on hold. (Probably because of the number of bloggers that were attracted to this bundle no doubt!) So I was immediately like, “uh oh… I’m not the only one! I hope I get accepted…” And about a week later, I received the acceptance email and was so happy with myself!

I was immediately amazed at the affiliate portal because of the amount of training and resources they provide you. Complete with email copy, graphics, and even a theme kit for styling, each bundle has it’s own feel, it’s own sale’s brand.

Then I joined the Facebook Group, and was again, over-joyed with the amount of educational value found in this group from the members and moderators here!

I definitely convinced my husband to let me purchase the GBTK for myself and downloaded everything! I ate up all the products in the bundle, and KNEW that I would have NO TROUBLE at all recommending these products, or this company!


[tds_council]#BloggingBuddies | The next thing I did (ha!) was tell all of this to Vicky! She too applied and then purchased the GBTK and together, we had tons to talk about that week as we DOVE head first into this Bloggers Toolkit! To have someone to go ga-ga-blogging with was SUPER fun. I’m SO glad I have HER as my blogging buddy! Here’s our story. [/tds_council]


I’ve applied to many affiliates, at many places, for many reasons (not just blogging) and Ultimate Bundles are by far my favorite to be an affilate for. And it’s easy for you to see why right?

It can be hard to find the right company, the right product to sell and feel REALLY GOOD ABOUT!



The Ultimate Productivity Bundle – ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY $37!

Over $2000 worth of individual Products in this bundle, and that’s a wooping 97% discount. Why do the creators of the products take such a cut? Because they get a 70% commision return instead of the 40% us affiliate get.

Yea, 40%! And let me just say, for bloggers, that’s A REALLY GREAT COMMISSION RATE!

Creators also get the recognition of being in the bundle, as their product, name, and brand is seen by everyone who purchases the bundle. It’s overall an amazing deal for us, for them, and for the creators. And THAT is why Ultimate Bundles works so well, and has such a great rep with everyone!

[tds_council]*you raise your hand* Can i submit a product for a bundle?
Yes affiliate, why yes you can! *writes down new goal*[/tds_council]


The new bundle has over  46 eBooks, eCourses, and printables on conquering your to-do list, reaching your goals, and freeing up more time!


I also purchased the Homemaking Bundle a few months back.

I got my Productivity Bundle early, and OMG is it SUPER amazing! The printable’s and worksheets ALONE are worth the $37, let alone the ebooks, courses, and bonuses!


Learn More!


Obviously, we are affiliates of the bundle, so if you’d like to support the growth of the Blog Buddy Program please use our links for the following if you are interested in the Ultimate Bundles listed in this post!

Get your bundle now!

Get your bundle now!

Time Management (5 of products worth $132.98)
Daily Planners (9 products worth $169.99)
Goal Setting (5 products worth $406.98)
Goal Planners (8 products worth $144.00)
Home Management (3 products worth $123.00)
Home Management Planners & Printables (7 products worth $82.96)
Mindset & Self-Care (5 products worth $94.99)
Productivity at Work (5 products worth $369.00)
+ Bonuses

BUY NOW FOR ONLY $37, before Feb 25th – the sale ends in less than 3 days

Buy Now!


Our Affiliate Link for this Productivity Bundle: https://ultimatebundles.com/sale/prod2019-main?a_aid=5bad807ab1f63&a_bid=9765d1e7&chan=bbp

For those of you who want to remain loyal to using our link, but want to think about it, thank you


We’ll leave the images up for as long as they are hosted, but they eventually will also be edited, to lead to becoming an affiliate.


Consider Becoming An Affiliate of these Bundles Yourself!

We would LOVE it if you become yet another affiliate of the Ultimate Bundles. If you use this link to join, then we make a (super small, but yet it’s something) commission from your bundle sales forever! So this is an even better way to support the Blog Buddy Program!

Needless to say, if you have an questions about this, please reach out to us or comment below and we’d be happy to answer your questions about this okay?


Apply here & now!

This is the sign up form provided to us by Ultimate Bundles Affiliate Portal, by filling this out here you will be directed to Ulitmate Bundles once completed. Or you can go to their site directly using the link below.

Personal Information

Additional Information

Well that’s a peak at how easy it is to apply for this! You know how much we love forms around here. BTW, have you signed up for your blog buddy yet?!1



Here is our link to become an affiliate, under us (thanks!): https://affiliates.ultimatebundles.com/affiliates/signup.php?a_aid=5bad807ab1f63

You can copy and paste this link for later, or open a new tab manually. This link will direct you to the affiliate sign up page on UltimateBundles.com


[tds_council]Note: If your wondering if you should get this bundle now, to see what they are like before becoming an affiliate, I’d do it! You’ll be a fan for sure![/tds_council]


Chances are, even if you apply right now it will take some time to get approved to be an affiliate and this bundle sale will probably be over…

And you’ll have to wait until the next one! $37? That’s a low-cost investment for what might make you hundreds of dollars back this year!

Let alone a discount on EVERY OTHER BUNDLE EVER once you are an affiliate! (Remember how I mentioned I got my bundle early, well it was also at a discounted rate!)


This is one of those deals that feels like stealing because it’s so good. 


Learn More!

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