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Author: Kate Ashley Erram

Kate is the small happy blogger behind All The Trinkets, a personal growth and creativity blog. She loves to paint pretty people and plants, or talk to her cactus, Watson.

Finding Your Blog Writing Voice: Why You Need One & 5 Tips

One of the most important things you should do to your blog is establish your blog writing voice. I still remember the first time someone commented about my blog writing voice. They said it was positive, uplifting and it was like talking to a good friend. And I felt like I hit bingo, because that is exactly what I want my readers to feel when reading my blog.     So what is a blog writing voice exactly and why is it important? I’m so glad you ask. It’s the tone of your blog post. Your blog writing voice is the most organic way to establish your blog’s brand, because it’s a way to convey your personality as a blogger. Yes, yes. Your blog’s design is important for establishing a good blog brand. We’ve already established that. But, as we’ve also discussed in previous posts about branding, there is more to a blog’s brand than your chosen colors and logo and fonts. Think about it. The most recognizable bloggers out there aren’t just recognized by their colors and logo and fonts – the way they write is exclusively authentic. When I think of a blogger with an easily recognizable voice,…

Setting Your Blog Goals This Year In 4 Easy Steps

This entry is part 1 of 5 in the series Blog Improvement Series 2

This entry is part 1 of 5 in the series Blog Improvement Series 2 We’re still in the early parts of the year. But I’m taking a guess that, with regards to setting your blog goals, you’re already hanging by a thread – if not completely detached already. You know you set those blog goals with the best of intentions. But when it comes to actually executing them and taking action to achieve them? It seems as if everything — every single freaking thing — in your life is working together to keep you from following through. Look, I totally get it. I’ve been there too. Heck, I’ve been there more than a couple of times at this point. Which is why I spend most of my free time and waking hours wrapping my head around this goal-setting problem that a lot of us bloggers seem to share. And I’ve got it down into 4 steps you can easily follow: HOW TO SET AND ACHIEVE YOUR BLOG GOALS IN 4 NEAT STEPS Figure Out Your Why Now I know this seems a bit woo-woo. But stick with me here for a minute. Why do you want to achieve the blog…

Ready to Up Your Pinterest Game? Here’s 5 Things You Can Do Today

Ready to up your Pinterest game but don't know where to start? Friend, I gotchu. Here are five things you can start today to up your Pinterest game!
This entry is part 8 of 10 in the series Blog Improvement Series

This entry is part 8 of 10 in the series Blog Improvement SeriesIf there was anything close to being the blogging Holy Grail, it would be Pinterest. No doubt about it. You’ve probably heard how it changed the blogging game for so many pro bloggers. You’ve read the articles: An increase in website traffic which led to having more opportunities which then turned to earn more income. I mean. Who wouldn’t be dazzled by such possibility? But the problem I find with Pinterest (and this is something I confirmed with some of the Buddy members in the Blogging Buddies Facebook group as well) is that it might take a long time before you see any results. So today, I will be guiding you through the beautiful world that is Pinterest and Pinterest’s puzzling and ever-changing algorithm. Whip out your pen and notepad, friend. This will be packed with info and tips that have helped me and other bloggers over the years. And hopefully, they will help you up your Pinterest game too. To start off: what is Pinterest? How does it work??? Pinterest, my eager student, is a social networking platform. I remember learning about Pinterest from this hairstyling Youtube…

How to Write a Great Blog Post (that you and your readers will love!)

Ever wonder what makes a great blog post? Read on for 5 tips to creating content you and your readers will love. #blogging
This entry is part 5 of 10 in the series Blog Improvement Series

This entry is part 5 of 10 in the series Blog Improvement SeriesI’m gonna go ahead and assume that, as you’re a blogger, you’re already a kickass at writing 500 to 1000 words – probably even more, if you’re super inspired! But allow me to have this basic refresher for a sec: What makes a great blog post great? Honestly, there are as many kinds of great blog post as there are great bloggers. But I think Ana Hoffman from Traffic Generation Café summed it up perfectly: Sure, you have to consider what your readers like. But you also need to think about what fires you up. If you just publish a post because you need to, your readers will sense this. Trust me, I’ve had my fair share of half-hearted pieces of writing and they really weren’t my best. And because you are an important part of this equation, there really aren’t any hard set rules you need to follow to write a great blog post. So instead, I have listed 5 tips on how you can improve your writing – and therefore, create more great posts for your readers. 1) Write how you speak   This is, by…

Why Blog Branding is Important and How You Can Work on Yours Today

ways to work on your blog branding today
This entry is part 2 of 10 in the series Blog Improvement Series

This entry is part 2 of 10 in the series Blog Improvement SeriesI do believe you can judge a book by its cover. Sometimes, you can tell a lot about something just by how it looks. (Just sometimes.) This is why having a consistent look and feel for your blog is important.. Enter blog branding. Branding is something I find extremely interesting, though I’m sure there are some bloggers who don’t share my sentiments. Maybe you’re one of them, and that’s totally fine! That is what I’m here for 🙂 So find someplace comfortable, whip out a pen and notebook, and let’s get down to business! What exactly is blog branding, Kate? Is it a logo? Is it your blog design? Is it the right fonts to choose for your blog? I’m so glad you asked! The answer is: Branding is all of that, plus more. It is the overall feel of your blog. It’s the atmosphere you want your visitors and readers to feel when they’re on your website. It isn’t enough that you say, “My blog is fun!” You have to make them feel the fun! I like to think of it this way: You know how when…