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Author: Lee Bowden

A mother | A wife | A loyal friend | A blogger – I’m all about loving & living positively. My goal is to help you live a happier more loving life with others, and your blog!

The Purpose of Pinterest For Your Blog

The Purpose of Having A Pinterest Account for Your Blog

When Pinterest beta was released in 2009 I was graduating high school. Obsessed as I was with all the new mobile apps that were making an appearance, I realize now I was a tester of many of these new apps, these new initiative ideas to change lives. I got a beta account and as a personal user (before using it for business was even thing,) and as you can tell from my personal Pinterest account here: I love Pinterest! I’ll be even more honest, I wasn’t the best student in high school. I know now that I’m a self-learner and do best with self-study outside of a classroom! I know this mostly thanks to Pinterest. As this search engine began to collect its information databases, new information being submitted and collected by the second. I was ecstatic to have a way other than bookmarks to learn about my interests. Those interests vary so widely! And with the information age on rapid growth, I kept using this platform to organize my interests, ideas, projects, and images. And so did the rest of the world. At first, I used this platform to collect images just as much as I used it to…