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Thank  you for considering becoming a Sponsor of our content, series, or media produced by the Blog Buddy Program Creative Team. We are a small group of bloggers, found all over the globe coming together to create a free membership, networking community for bloggers everywhere.

To produce content for the following Blog Buddy Program content: website, social media, downloadbles, courses, podcasts, videos, blog posts, knowledge base, resource library, and of course blog posts; we all dedicate our time to for free.

We do not currently sell our products or services as we are still in the early stages of development, growth, and design. So yea, everything is free for everyone.  Learn more…

We chose to create a Patreon Page to give our members, supports, and fans a place to contribute to so that we can continue to follow through with our plans to build this up to be a one of a kind place for bloggers to connect.

What makes us different is our focus on friendship, connection, helping each other, and a sense of personal community. Our tagline says it all, as we welcome bloggers both to have a place online to get help, as well as give help. It’s just as important to give back to the community as it is to gain from it. And that’s why we think it’s important that we offer multiple community options, website features, and educational resources. Since everyone learns differently, and we’re about equality in availability to learn about blogging. Then we must include a way for any blogger to find us, communicate with members, and participate in our program, activities, and educational resources.


How & Why YOU Could Become An Official Sponsor through Patreon! 


Blog Improvement Series Sponsor for $10 Monthly Pledge

Your name and Blog are listed as a Sponsor on every Blog Improvement Series Post that is published within a month you are a Patreon. For a lifetime with a single pledge, we will list you on the Complete Series Review Page. (Backlinks to your blog and this kind of exposure is never a bad thing!)

Blogging Buddies Media Sponsor for $40

We have plans to create video and audio in the form of live and recorded educational/entertaining blogging media. As well as photos and imagery used to promote and design our blog.

As a sponsor, we credit and thank you in every video and podcast episode we create for the Blog Buddy Program. 

Funds from our Media Sponsors go directly towards investing in higher quality audio and video equipment to increase our creative media growth goals! 

Upon pledge, we will send you our official Media Sponsor Kit so that we know how to credit you, and what we may credit you for. (Example: In other words, if you’re a fan of our podcasts and you want your monthly pledge to go towards new audio equipment then we want to honor that!)


Go to Our Patreon Page to Become A Sponsor! 


There are other smaller tiers starting at only $2 and $4 a month that will allow you access to our Patreon Posts and Feed giving you an inside look into what we do, how we blog, non-published content and videos for Best Buddies Only on Patreon (yes, there’s an app!). And special access to Newsletter, Progress Reports, Our Goals a special Discord Sever Role that allows you special access to more private channels and more.

As a Sponsor, you get access to many of the other smaller tiers! Thanks!

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