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Creating A Great Blog Business Plan

In order to build a successful blog, you establish your long-term goals and how you can achieve them. You will need a business plan. Here are a few tips on writing a great business plan for your blog.
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Every good idea starts as just that, an idea. In the blogging world, it might just be a thought to write a blog. Great, but for you to build a successful blog, one that will bring in an income and not just be a small hobby you do on the side. At some point, you need to shift your mindset into thinking about your blog as a business. You need a blog business plan.

I recently wrote a post about why you should blog like a business. Maybe you can take a minute to read that first.

Let’s get to the good stuff, a free download of a Blog Business Plan!

Sweet, right? A post that not only is going to explain how you should begin your blogging journey as a business. It also comes with the tool to help you do just that.




This download is free for our Blog Buddy News Subscribers. Instant access password included in the welcome email of Blog Buddy News Subscription. Email for download support or contact Lee directly. 


In order to build a successful blog, you will need a blog business plan. Here are a few tips on writing a great business plan for your blog.


Take These Steps:

1. Read this article

2. Download the Blog Business Plan

3. Start to fill in the sections that you can

4. Begin blogging like it’s a business, practicing the mindset and putting your plan into action

5. Revisit your Blog Plan each month and record your progress and continue to fill in the sections you may have skipped last time

6. Save your first drafted blog plan, and then start with a brand new, fresh Blog Business Plan in January! (A new Blog Buddy will be assigned for MOST of our members that month too, so you’ll be able to restart this cycle from the very beginning.)

7. Live out a full year of blogging as a business and you WILL be pulling in an income

The rest of this post is not going to be about “how to fill in the document”, as I trust that you can cut, delete, edit, and save your own work any way you want to. But I will be discussing some important notes about the MINDSET of blogging as a business. And the KEYS to writing a great plan for your blog.

Here are some other related posts I’ve written on my blog, Loving Life With Lee: 



There’s a post written by Vicky that you should read, Finding Your Blog’s Niche. As inspiration for this section of your plan.



I encourage you to choose a niche that you are passionate about, and that is easy for you to write A LOT about. The hard part is having it wide enough that you can write content covering different, yet related to your niche. Hopefully, you find a niche that is popular enough you will have a decent sized audience, yet not so open-ended that you get lost easily inside an enlarged topic like “lifestyle”. Try to have some kind of niche theme of interests for readers, so that you can identify with a target audience (similar demographics of age, lifestyle, interests, hobbies, etc).



If you don’t know yet, then guess and write to THOSE people. Jot down some things your IDEAL CLIENT would do, like, buy, and click on and write for THEM. Or don’t, and write just for yourself, that’s fine to. But after like three months, you can look at your Analytics and see exactly WHO THEY are.

Some may call this their “blogging avatar” if you’d like to do some google searching. It’s a great way to think about your “audience” cause sometimes that just sounds intimidating!



We’ll write a post dedicated to this soon… For now…

Here’s a list of things you can make goals for each day/week/month/quarter/year:

Monthly Views
Comments on Posts
Comments left on Other Bloggers Posts
Videos per week
Monthly Subscribers
Social Media Posts
Engagement Rates
Tweets per day
Manual Pins per day
Pics shared per day
Articles/news/stories shared per week

S.M.A.R.T. Goal Setting ||

Specific | Measurable | Achievable | Relevant | Timely



I’m really passionate about small business, and I have a blogging background also (here’s my business & blogging background story). So sometimes I forget that not everyone knows much about running a business, big or small. So this section of the plan can be tricky and overwhelming. Break it down, and don’t feel bad if you have to skip sections.

It can take a while to adjust blogging into your life. So maybe you don’t set certain hours aside to “operate” your business, I mean blog. That’s fine, but I bet that will change for you when you get to fill out that Affiliate Marketing section. Because to make an income, you have to have services, sources, partnerships. Make connections. And that my friends, takes some time management.

Maybe you haven’t put much thought to what services you could offer, subscriptions and things, or writing ebooks, or selling products. But you could start to think about it, and when you get settled on an idea and begin setting up your project/campaign add it into the Products & Services section with excitement and pride!



I’m also really passionate about internet marketing, especially social media. There will be TONS of content here written about social media. So we’ll link those here. For now…

Let’s talk about focusing your marketing efforts within this blog plan. You need this to be a PLAN of ACTIONS to take along your blogging journey. No one will see your blog and it’s content if you don’t share it. So HOW do you want to share it with your audience? Where do you, and them, hang out online? Because that is where you should focus your attention and share your content.

Let’s be honest, I’m a terrible example of it though because I spend my time everywhere. I have an account EVERYWHERE. So don’t do what I do. Start with three social media accounts (Pinterest and Twitter should be two priorities honestly, you choose the other). And learn AS MUCH AS YOU CAN ABOUT IT. Start with Pinterest because you can learn so much about Pinterest, on Pinterest. And this search engine is what is going to take your blog places. Twitter is where you can easily connect with the blogging community. And the connections and opportunities there are awesome, quick, and fun to join. Next would be Facebook Groups. Check out BBP’s Communities!



This is that section that raises anxiety in people, but it doesn’t have to be like that with blogging. You don’t HAVE to do this for money, you can just do it for you.

But it never hurts to add Amazon Affiliate Links. Why not? Who doesn’t want some passive income coming in on the side?

OK, so it’s not a focus. You don’t need to make money with the blog. Fine. But you still have some unavoidable investment into blogging like hosting, domain, and educational courses and products. So you mise well add your blog as an income, by treating it like a business.

Which means taking some time to fill out this section in full, with intention. Build your blog with a purpose.

OK, so you’re ready to make your blog earn for you as a business. Good thing we have some content to share with you… Soon…



Start by signing up and applying for Google Adsense – it takes a bit of effort to sign up and get approved sometimes, but make sure to test it out and see what kind of revenue you can bring in. You can always edit, remove, or customize ad placement and type.



Start by doing some research about how affiliate marketing works. Basically, you recommend products or services for people or companies and if a sale is made, then you get a small commission from them. It’s really easy to use Amazon Affiliate Links throughout any posts on a blog that might have a product used or mentioned in the post. Be sure to add an Affiliate Disclaimer page to your blog (and put it in your footer) and be transparent, only recommending products and services you use, trust, and support.



Occasionally you may be invited to participate in a companies product, service or guest posting opportunity. Usually, you try or use a product, and then you are paid for recommending it within your public blog. Sometimes you can find opportunities in which you are paid to write posts on another blog as a guest author. There are websites available for each.


Give Help To Get Help from your Buddy

Talk to your buddy about how they plan to tackle each section and where they are at with their blog niche, business decisions, passive income, and marketing efforts. Talk about what you need to improve on, what you want to learn more about. Mention the sections that were easy for you to fill out in full detail. What products, services, and connections you want to make to support your blog’s income potential.

Once you are done with your first draft, share it with your blog buddy and get their opinion.

Revisit your blog plan in a few weeks, and add to it when you feel inspired.

Join the Discussion

Comment below with your questions, suggestions, helpful resources and article links. Can I ask you to comment, answering this:

Do you treat your blog like a business currently? How do you feel about the Business Blog Plan Document used in this post?


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