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Meet Buddy!

Meet Buddy

This is Buddy, our lil' logo dude for BBP. He values friendship, helping others, and creative writing. What's important to him is blogging with integrity, good character, and collaboration. He images a Blogging Community Online where bloggers of all kinds, all niches, and all stages come together to work together. Buddy imagines a world in which people share their thoughts, ideas, and art openly without judgment or disgrace.

Our job as the Creative Team of the Blog Budy Program is to create this place for Buddy to exist.
Your job as a Member of his Buddies Program is to make friends, share resources, and collaborate within his home.

Without you, Buddy's dreams will never be possible.

Thank you for participating in the blogging community and for following Buddy's Story.

Buddy Online!

Blog Buddy Profiles

Official BlogBuddyP Facebook Page

It's official guys! We now have our own Facebook Page for Announcements and News! SO EXCITED!

|| We won't be cluttering up the Blogging Buddies Facebook Group too much with annoying announcements and things. We'll be able to focus all that kind of stuff to our page instead.

|| We'll be interacting collectively as "Buddy" to better personalize the experience. This way team members can respond as themselves, or as Buddy depending on the type of comment we might be responding to.

|| Soon a Buddy Chat Bot will be built into our Facebook Messenger so that you can easily get information for him while you're on your mobile device. (We encourage personal contact via our own blog pages.)

You can reach out to Anne for questions, suggestions, or any issues with this Buddy account.


Official @BlogBuddyP Twitter

You can use the hashtag #blogmebuddy(2) for RT or help at any time!

|| If you are a member of any of our Blogging Buddies Groups, then you'll be added to our Blogging Buddies List on Twitter!
This makes it easy to follow and support all the other bloggers involved in the Blog Buddy Program, easily!

|| Join the Blogging Twitter Chat on Sundays (details below under events) #BlogBuddyChat(5)

You can reach out to Anne (@foreverwanderer12) for questions, suggestions, or any issues with this Buddy account.


Official BlogBuddyPinterest!

Hello resources! We are currently building our Pinterest Marketing to revolve around sharing resources and repinning our member's content to give them a big boost

||  We will be creating an exclusive Tailwind Tribe for our Members in January to manage within our own member's Pinterest Marketing Tribe Group (that you can join as soon as your register - coming soon 2019)

You can reach out to Kate or Lee if you have questions, suggestions, or any issues with this Buddy account.


Official @BlogBuddyP on Instagram

A personal look into our Blog Buddy brand as we share our journey on this creative social stream together

You can reach out to Anne if you have questions, suggestions, or any issues with this Buddy account.


Official Blog Buddy Program Contact on Google

Everyone needs a Google + Account, right? Buddy too!

|| Big plans to build a networking community on Google, mise well add us there and see what we have in store for you!

|| Contact us any time at

We all interact with this email account every day. So it's an excellent way to contact the team.

Blogging Buddies Social Groups

Blogging Buddies Facebook Group!

Our (now) Facebook Group, The Blogging Buddies, is alive and well. Thanks to Ruth In Revolt for its creation, we are planning to love you and respect you just as much as she always had the intention to do here.

|| The description and announcement tabs have been organized and we have systems in place to keep them organized and familiar to you while you're here on a regular basis! All our most relevant links can be found here.

|| If you would like your post to be marked as an announcement for 48 hours, please tag us in the comments of the post. (We may ask that you use a specific hashtag or edit the post as needed before it is added as an announcement.)

|| We plan to use Units for our 12 Week Series starting the first week of December!

GROUP RULES: Please do not share blog posts here, see our Pinterest Community below. >> There are other rules and guidelines to follow here to make this a safe, and resourceful group. Thanks for reading!

You can reach out to Anne or Lee for questions, suggestions, or issues with this buddy account.

Blogging Buddies Pinterest Community || For Sharing & Caring About Other Blogger's Creativity

The new Pinterest Community is also up for us all! THIS IS A GREAT PLACE TO SHARE YOUR BLOG POSTS EVERY DAY!

|| To keep the Facebook Group clean we ask that you share ALL your stuff HERE so that we can repin, share, and learn together on this amazing educational platform we all know and love.

|| Feel free to be friendly, repin, and share any and all resources you want to add here. Self-promotional posts and blog sharing is not only welcome but ENCOURAGED here!

You can reach out to Kate for questions, suggestions, or issues with this buddy community.

Blogging Buddies Google Networking Community

What's important to your DA and your SEO is being active on Google + but it's not like other "social" media activities is it? Well, now you have an excuse to sign on and be active on Google, your welcome. Enter the Blogging Buddies Community on Google!
|| The more active you are on google with sharing and sign-ins, the more Google "sees you" and your blog. (Which is a good thing as a blogger!)

Blogging Buddies Twitter List

Subscribe to follow the Blogging Buddies Feed on Twitter with tools like Tweetdeck
|| An easy way to follow all the other bloggers that are members of our community!
|| To be added to the list you must add Your Twitter URL to the appropriate group thread on Tuesday - Join the Blogging Buddies Facebook Group Today!
These buttons will take you to the above mentioned social media Blogging Buddies Community Page

Buddy's Events!


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Buddy's Daily Social Threads!

Daily Blogging Participation

Social Media Follow Trains/Threads

Monday + Blogging Goal Shares
Tuesday + Twitter Tuesday
Wednesday + Post Share Threads
Thursday + Pinterest Profile Threads
Friday + Facebook Like Threads
Saturday + Buddy Comment Love Thread on Social Saturdays
Sunday + Instagram Threads for Selfie Sunday


Participate via Twitter and/or the Blogging Buddies Facebook Group only


Chat With Fellow Bloggers While You Blog || Live On Discord Everyday

|| There is now a Discord Live Chat room that nearly ALWAYS has someone in it to talk to, "Hello Fellow Bloggers!"

|| Make sure to read the server rules and write an introduction so we can all check you out when you get there

|| Even if your not "used to" live chat servers, this is a pretty cool place to connect and make some friends. There's almost always someone hanging out in there hoping to make your day and your life of blogging better. Everyone here is a blogger too!

|| There are threads for general chatting, asking questions, voice chat channel, and a link sharing area to share your latest works with us!

CHAT RULES: Please read the server rules when you join our Discord Chat. You must first be a member of the Blogging Buddies Group to gain access to the link and join the chat. This is to ensure that BLOGGERS only are found here. And this allows us to monitor who joins us here, maintaining a safe place for all of us.

You can reach out to Vicky for questions, suggestions, or issues with this buddy chat server.

Required to join the Facebook Group to gain access to the live chat invite.
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