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Have you ever wanted a blog buddy?

✔ Someone to talk about blogging with

✔ Someone else to bounce content ideas off of

✔ Someone to comment, proofread -- and just read your stuff every time! 

✔ Someone in the same niche with similar interests

✔ Someone that's good at the stuff your not good at

✔ Someone that you can help along they way, and share what you know about blogging

✔ Someone to hold you responsible for your blog! 


It's basically a "buddy system" for bloggers! Yes, it's free! We encourage bloggers to sign up now, follow the series with your buddy, and see what you both can do to help improve your blogs together!

Please read each tab before submitting the Sign Up Form.

  1. Read this page and all of its contents thoroughly! 
  2. Read our Code of Conduct & Register as a Member 
  3. Sign up for a Buddy using our Google Form - EXCLUSIVELY found on the bottom of this page!  
  4. Watch your email for your assigned Buddy Introduction email from



  • Comment and proofread any *NEW* post that your buddy publishes once a week

You and your buddy may agree on terms such as: "Since we both blog x3 a week, lets proofread each post published for each other and comment on at least one. For proofreading, we'll send each other an email with notes for fixes or errors we catch."

  • Share at least one post on social media a week

In your Blog Buddy Profile, you can see which social media accounts your buddy is focused on. Maybe you even have this in common!

  • Make contact with your Buddy at least once a week, and agree together if you are going to use the Weekly Series Buddy Prompts each week (read "Buddy Prompts" tab)
  • Fill out  your member profile so that your buddy can know a little about you, your blog, and where to find your stuff when you are assigned
  • Follow each other on all social media!
  • Read through some of your buddy's blog history and get a feel for their blog, personality, writing style, and website status
  • Make an opening introduction to what you are looking for in a Blog Buddy friend, and how you feel you can be of help to them, and what your focus goals are currently
  • Be open to new ideas, suggestions, and upgrades from your buddy
  • Try to stick together through the duration of the Program! We will ask everyone if you want a new buddy at the end of each series, allowing you or your buddy an out. Please be kind when it comes to leaving the program, and be understanding of each other's time. You can request a new blog buddy at any time by submitting to the new sign up form

Please subscribe to our newsletter list to receive weekly prompts via email - if you already subscribed just go there and enter in your information, and what list you'd like to subscribe to. Your information will then be updated.

Each week we will post a new Members Only post to the blog! On that Weekly #BuddyPrompt Post, we will include any prompt, checklist, resources or surveys for you and your buddy to use that week. These are related to our 12 Week Blog Improvement Series we run.

That post will have a forum you can join too!

We hope this helps you both to get to know each other better, as well as help you to improve each other's blog interactively

✔ Register as a member

✔ Fill out your profile here completely

✔ Subscribe to the Buddy Email List

✔ Follow the Blog Buddy Program Facebook Page

✔ Join our communities for more blogging help and make more blogging friends!

Status - Last Updated 6/10/19

SIGN UPS ARE OPEN (STILL!) - You can edit your sign up or remove yourself any time.

PROGRAM EMAIL COURSE IS BEING CREATED!  Due to launch for the first time complete with a free weekly series to help you and your buddy improve your blogs together. Due to LAUNCH IN JULY !

Join the Blogging Buddies Facebook Group for further updates! 


Please read the FAQs. If you still have questions feel free to email us at or reach us live on Discord. If you cannot make contact with your buddy, we will add you to a Buddy Waiting List. As soon as a buddy becomes available within your niche, we will send you a new Buddy Introduction email for you right away. Otherwise, you will receive a new assignment during the next round of sign ups.




Ready for a Blog Buddy of your own?

Click the button to be taken to the Sign Up Form in a new window and then follow the instructions.

Sign Up Form



BUDDY PROGRAM EXPLAINED: Documented, Downloadable Version for VI

Although this document is meant for the Visually Impaired, it can be downloaded and reviewed, or resized for anyone who might be interested in the Buddy Program.


We welcome your feedback! 

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