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Congrats on having a new blog buddy!

I know I covered some bases in the email, but to give you a bit more info here’s what we have planned for you. The whole scoop. The deep and dirty details.


The Sad September Story – (with a happy ending of course!)

Mid-September I was feeling really down about not being able to dedicate to blogging as I went through a crazy move. I didn’t come up with the material I wanted to, to be able to help the Blog Buddy Program members through the buddy process. I hope that those of you who are revisiting this page had a positive experience by being connected to someone in your niche, and were able to come up with ways to support each other. Maybe even found a friend.

But I know it’s not easy just to do on your own. I was learning that lesson early in the month, as I had no buddy for myself to help me with the program. Dang.


So I jumped on the Blogging Buddies Group and I made a post to try to reach some fellow bloggers that wanted to help me build the Blog Buddy Program. I wasn’t going to give up. I needed a blog buddy!

Very quickly, I was contacted by Anne, then Kate, and I ended up landing myself an oddball out from my first round of bloggers, Vicky!

We all began to plan and collaborate this website for the program! I’m so excited you guys! These girls are awesome, and well on their way to being awesome bloggers themselves. Together we’re here to offer you a better platform to use with your buddy.


Here’s a peek at where our ideas are taking us


Together, the four of us will be putting together a 12 Week Series that will cycle four times a year for our Buddies! To be able to follow the buddy system here, we’ve put together a newsletter for you, so please don’t skip out on subscribing to that and do whatever you have to, to check that email once a week!

The Blog Buddy Newsletter will have some insider tips and prompts to use to further your blogging journey. Giving you clues about how to help your buddy, and how they can help you.

We just ask that you are open-ended to the suggestions and ideas we provide. The entire program is based on giving help to other bloggers when you are able to. So it’s really important that you are clear on when you are available to your buddy. And then, that you follow through with your end of the program requirements.

As long as you read their new content, leave a comment, and share what you can. Then cool. But if you really want to HELP SOMEONE then, sign up to the newsletter and USE IT to help your Blog Buddy!


This is our planned current content calendar for you:

Week 1 || Creating A Great Blog Business Plan – Subscribe for the Free Blog Business Plan of Actions Download

Week 2 || Why Blog Branding Is Important & How You Can Work On Yours Today

Week 3 || Website Basics for Beginners

Week 4 || Finding Your Blog Niche

Week 5 || How to Create An Editorial Calendar


Each email will include a post by one of the BBP Creatives Team, a prompt to use for ideas and collaboration for you and your buddy, and a short survey to fill out and send to your buddy in response to the email.


We welcome you to the Blog Buddy Program! Please let us know if you have any ideas, suggestions, issues, or trouble! Contact us anytime at


If you haven’t already, please subscribe to the new Blog Buddy Newsletter here!

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