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This is the current Buddy Program Waiting List. The following niches and needs are listed for the bloggers who have already signed up for the Buddy Program and are waiting for a suitable Blog Buddy.

We don’t list the members, as it is our responsibility to match and assign suitable blog partners that have signed up. Alternatively, blog members that fill out their profile and select “I am looking for a blog buddy” can Search for thier Own Blog Buddy and reach out to members.

If you do so, you can subscribe to the Buddy Prompts together by emailing – Refer to the Knowledge Base for more information

If you sign up for the Buddy Program today, and are indeed a suitable match for someone on the Waiting List then you could be immediately assigned!

In this case we will email you both right away and you can start your blogging journey together!

We list this here publicly so that you can see that there is a need for more Blog Buddies! 

Buddy Program Page

Buddy Program Support Forum






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