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After you’ve created your blog, you can work on building up your blog’s brand! Having a brand for your blog can help your blog stand out from the other blogs in your niche. Here is my best advice for building up your blog’s brand from the start. 


Blog Colors

The first step is to pick colors that fit your blog’s personality and niche. How much you know about color psychology and the meaning of colors within different countries and cultures can help you make the right color choices. So that you will appeal to your blog’s ideal target audience. 99designs has some great blog posts about picking colors for both your blog’s brand AND your blog’s design.

If there’s an image that has the colors that you want to use for your blog’s brand, you can upload it to Canva’s Color Palette Generator. You can copy any of the five different color hex codes that it generates from scanning the image. Make sure to upload images with multiple colors. The Color Palette Generator won’t work as well with images that have less than 5 identifiable colors.

This works great if you want to create your own mood boards of images, to help you decide about your brand’s colors and personality!


Blog Fonts

Fonts are a crucial part of your blog’s brand that should not be selected on a whim. It’s best to choose fonts that are readable and go well together. So that you can use them directly on your blog and any graphics that you create for it.

Once again, 99designs comes to the rescue with another enlightening blog post. This time, it’s all about picking fonts for your blog’s brand!


Blog Design

Your blog’s brand must be reflected in the design of your blog as well. Which means you need to pick a blog theme that allows you to fully customize it to fit your needs. There are lots of themes out there that you can get for free or purchase online from Etsy, Creative Market, etc. You need one that will allow you to use YOUR colors, YOUR images, and YOUR personality throughout your blog’s design or theme.


Recommended Blog Themes

If you’re interested in purchasing a premium blog theme, I personally recommend LucidThemes. Their blog themes are both affordable and customizable to a certain extent. I also recommend the free version of WP Customify and Theme Freesia for anyone who is looking to get their hands on a free blog theme. WP Customify comes with a few pre-made sites that you can use. Meanwhile, Theme Freesia has a much bigger gallery of professional blog themes that have both free and premium versions.


Recommended Blog Design Plugins for WordPress

There’s also plenty of plugins that you can install to help with theme customization. If you have the SiteOrigin Page Builder plugin installed, you can also use the SiteOrigin CSS plugin to edit your blog’s design. If you want to use the fonts that you picked for your brand directly on your blog, you should install the Easy Google Fonts plugin so that you can change the fonts that are used for both headings and paragraphs.


Branding is such a broad topic, so don’t be surprised if you don’t understand everything about it. You can always make changes to your blog’s brand if you’re not happy with it for any reason.


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