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Category: Blogger Activites

Blogging Buddies Pinterest Community Guide

In 2018 Pinterest announced that they have created Communities! And we thought, “What a perfect place for Blogging Buddies to grow and help other bloggers on Pinterest!” Our Blogging Buddies Pinterest Community is for bloggers to share their pins, ask questions about pin styles or graphics. It’s also one of the BEST places to promote your new blog content so that other members in the community can pin it too! This is an awesome, personal way we can support each other and our blogs. Unlike sharing on Facebook or retweeting on Twitter, the life of a pin is very long lasting! This may be the BEST place to support your favorite bloggers, posts, and other members.  Pinning Rules Outside of the Pinning Party Our Blogging Buddies Pinterest Community hours are FRIDAY-WEEKEND-MONDAY-TUESDAY. 24/7 (Wednesday and Thursday, which are considered Reserved Pinterest Party days. Please follow rules above) Guide | What you are encouraged to do in our Pinterest Community: Ask questions about Pinterest, pinning, your blog bio, Pin styling, Pin design, or any other Pinterest/Blogging related topic Always pin your most recent posts to our Community so that we can repin it for you! (And read, comment, love and like it!)…

Blogging Surveys & Polls

Introduction I’m a HUGE fan of creating and taking surveys — so it would be really cool to fill this page up with polls and blogging surveys every month. It is also a great way to hear what our member’s preferences are and where you are in your blogging journey. This may include website features, blogging forum topics, blogging preferences, this weeks topic coverage opinion, content focuses, courses they would like, feature preferences, so much. There’s SO MUCH we can do here! Current Poll How many social media accounts do you manage for your blog alone?Including but not limited to a Facebook Page, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest accounts12-33-44-55+Submit Surveys Click to make a suggestion!