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Category: Blogging Goals & Analysis

Tips for Setting Blogging Goals | Podcast Recap

This post is an episode recap from our Blogging Buddies Podcast, Series 2

In this post, we’ll give you a recap on what we discussed in our recent podcast, Tips for Setting Blogging Goals!  Tips for Setting Blogging Goals | Episode 7 Your Host: Vicky Phillips Guest: Lee Bowden   Mentions: Slide to Success, Join us On Trello References: Newsletter Options, Listen to Podcast | Download Episode Audio | Transcribed Video of Podcast Episode on YouTube |   For those of you who would prefer to view media on Youtube or would like an Audio Transcription then there is also an Episode Playlist on our Channel!     It’s Okay to Get Messy, As Long As You Organized It and Finish the Project “I find that if I have multiple goals I find that one way or another, I am successful in reaching them,” says Lee early in the episode about goals. And it’s obvious in episodes like this how different Lee and Vicky are! Where Lee will brain dump and live in the chaos and challenge of multiple projects. Where Vicky sets herself a strategy and sticks to it. She also talks about what kinds of goals and the types of goals Lee sets. An overview of what kinds of things she…