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Blog Buddy Program

Welcome to the Blog Buddy Program Membership Website! Get help & give help to fellow bloggers in the Blog Buddy Program! A committed Blogging Membership Community for finding other “Blogging Buddies” and progressing through your blogging journey together!    What’s the Buddy Program? Tired of blogging alone with no one who understands what you’re doing,…

Apply To Be A Group Moderator

So you want to be a group moderator? You can find out if a group needs a moderator by going to the group’s “Mod” tab. There you can see who the current moderators are and if the group is Actively Looking for another moderator.  After you have filled out the bellow application to become a…

Knowledge Base

Blog Buddy Program Support Center

We are dedicated to the security of our site and the protection of our members. Everyone should feel welcomed, fully informed, and thus benefit from all of the membership benefits, features, education, and community here. We ask that you review the Knowledge Base for helpful articles about membership, online communities and basic blogging how-tos and…

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