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Category: Writing Style

About The Buddy Program, About Me Pages and Social Media Bios | Podcast Recap

This post is an episode recap from our Blogging Buddies Podcast, Series 2
This entry is part of 2 in the series Media Recaps

This entry is part of 2 in the series Media RecapsThis week, Vicky and Lee talk you through how to create an about me page on you blog and how to create a better Bio on each Social Media account you have for your Blog.   Part 1: About The Buddy Program Total: 11 minutes | From 0:00 – 10:30   What the Buddy Program Is & the Benefits of having A Blog Buddy (Like You, Aw!) In the opening first 8 minutes of the podcast. At the beginning of this episode Lee want’s to express where we are at with the Buddy Program, the original idea behind everything that we do here, and for our Blogging Buddies Communities. The core of it, is this Buddy Program for Bloggers. Which has greatly impacted Vicky and I since we connected (here’s our story) about six months ago now as the original “blog buddies”. We do support each other on a very regular basis as someone to talk “blogging” with. As well as read, support, and share your blog content with. It’s so great to have someone to share this with because, blogging doesn’t have to be solo anymore. Vicky talks about…

How to Write the Perfect About Me Page and Social Media Bios for Your Blog

Create the Perfect About Me Page and Social Media Bios for Your Blog
This entry is part 4 of 5 in the series Blog Improvement Series 2

This entry is part 4 of 5 in the series Blog Improvement Series 2Writing your blog’s About Me page, as well as your social media Bio for your Blog, may not seem as important as you think it is. (Like it’s something you don’t have to do right away.) But it’s a huge part of getting found! As well as, nailing brand collaborations and allowing your audience to know, like, and trust you.   The know-like-trust factor is very important when you are trying to become an influencer to your audience. Have you ever gotten a notification that you have a new follower on your Instagram or Twitter? Then you click on their profile and they have a bio full of only emojis, it’s just blank, or looks really dodgy? What do you do? Well,  I’m guessing you do what I normally do and block them or at least, not follow them back. As bloggers, we want to grow our following, not get blocked! So today I’m going to walk you through how to create the perfect social media bio and about me page for  your blog.      About me page   You’re about me page is one of…

Finding Your Blogging Voice | Weekly Roundup

Finding Your Own Writing Voice | BIS S2 W5
This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Media Recaps

This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Media RecapsWhat a great week we had, talking about finding your blog writing voice. Between the amazing post by Kate, our 2 Hour Twitter Chat on Tuesday, and this week’s personal podcast episode. I’m feeling well refreshed that I we all have a unique writing style, a personal voice, and amazing purpose within our own blogs. I wanted to take a moment to high light some of these and get a good overview of everything we all shared together this week. (I’ll try to do this more often!)   Q1 | What inspired you to start writing? #blogbuddychat — Blog Buddy Program (@BlogBuddyP) March 19, 2019 . . Yeah life has a way of aligning you to your purpose. I used to slack when it comes to writing but eventually I did put my priorities in order and started my journey. Still navigating my way through, finding my voice so it represents what I’m all about 🙂 — Lady_Blogger (@NasheLee_) March 19, 2019 . . My writing is louder. — Amanda Gene (@AmandaGeneN) March 19, 2019 Isn’t it interesting how we can express ourselves so differently in writing?   My…

Finding Your Blog Writing Voice: Why You Need One & 5 Tips

One of the most important things you should do to your blog is establish your blog writing voice. I still remember the first time someone commented about my blog writing voice. They said it was positive, uplifting and it was like talking to a good friend. And I felt like I hit bingo, because that is exactly what I want my readers to feel when reading my blog.     So what is a blog writing voice exactly and why is it important? I’m so glad you ask. It’s the tone of your blog post. Your blog writing voice is the most organic way to establish your blog’s brand, because it’s a way to convey your personality as a blogger. Yes, yes. Your blog’s design is important for establishing a good blog brand. We’ve already established that. But, as we’ve also discussed in previous posts about branding, there is more to a blog’s brand than your chosen colors and logo and fonts. Think about it. The most recognizable bloggers out there aren’t just recognized by their colors and logo and fonts – the way they write is exclusively authentic. When I think of a blogger with an easily recognizable voice,…