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This page will describe everything you need to know about the Blogging Buddies Facebook Group including all rules, posts, blog train threads, and membership benefits such as using group stories! 




This is NOT a blog promotional group, this is a SUPPORT group for bloggers.

  • We do not allow members to post the following on our feed (there are other communities that we encourage promotional in instead):
  • New Member Blog Introductions – We post a weekly “welcome to the group thread” that tags each new member added to the group each week. Please leave your introduction and any related links to your blog in the comments on this Welcome Thread!
  • New Blog Posts – Again, we are not a promo group. Please leave your new posts in the appropriately related Blog Buddy Trains (see our schedule in the above links)
  • Spam/Promotional Blog Pages or Posts – Please only comment within a related Blog Buddy Train, if you have a request for a new Train that we do not currently include in our schedule, you can make a request in our Suggestion Board on Trello any time!


As a support group for bloggers, we encourage any member to post in the following ways at ANY time up to once DAILY!

  • If you need help or have a question about blogging
  • If you need help or have a question about social media marketing for your blog
  • If you need help or have a question about how to make blog graphics or are trying to make brand decisions and want other blogger’s opinions
  • If you are attempting to reach or celebrate a particular goal or achievement for your blog (limit to once a week)


You may post photos or links in these types of posts if it DIRECTLY RELATED to your question.

For example:

  • If you are trying to decide between two new logos and you would like group opinions about which is “better”. You may describe your blog, brand, and logo and include photos for us to view.
  • If you need help or are having trouble with your blog you can make a post asking for help. Describe the issue, ask questions and get help from our members who may comment back for you.


What happens if you post outside of these rules and guidelines?

Your post will be removed by a moderator and we may send you a direct personal message (if we can, and your Facebook page settings allow us to) asking you to review the rules.

We do not have time to explain every post. We expect members to be responsible and read the rules as a member of the group.

If you believe your post was NOT promotional and NOT spammy and are unsure as to why it was deleted please contact a moderator listed bellow and we would be happy to talk about it with you!


Facebook Group Moderators

Lee Bowden of Loving Life With Lee – She maintains the website, events, and our Blog Buddy Program Facebook Page, schedules all Trains. Also, moderates group settings, members, and reviews all requests or spam. If a post is deleted, it’s probably Lee that has made the decision. If you have an issue or complaint, it will probably be Lee that you speak with!

Anne Carty of Forever the Wanderer – She watches over the feed, threads, and comments. She encourages engagement with Question/Answer threads and watches for out-of-line behaviors or rule-breaking. (She then speaks to Lee or tags her to review things in more detail)

Other Moderators who may take over for Lee or Anne due to absences and have the ability to do the above roles but do not moderate on a daily bases. They may tag a mod or promote Blog Buddy Program events that they manage. (Such as Vicky, being the Discord Lead may post an invitation to a Blog Hangout or Podcast recording session!)

Vicky Phillips of Crunchy Leaves and Sunsets
Leads Discord, Podcast, Youtube, and is our Office Administrator and Buddy Program Assistant

Kate Erram of All the Trinkets
Leads our Instagram and makes nearly all the graphics for our blog posts, promotional content, and social media graphics for the Blog Buddy Program!

Zamaie Chinye of Zamaie Writes
Also leads Discord and assists with web design graphics


Important Notes

Currently, we are not locking posts for approval so that you can GET HELP FAST here and not have to wait for an admin here to “Approve” your post.




Member Benefits

If you are a registered member here, and are a member of the group you can benefit from the following rewards or activities!

Get Your Facebook Group Stories Approved Daily!

Once you become a Verified member (and you get the blue check) then our Team will soon send you a message giving you your member badge, and group story card. Learn about how you can use your badge in our members knowledge base! (Starting March 1 2019)

Basically, you are required to post your member story badge, and then you can post up to 2 other story images to the group a day.

This is really great for blog exposure and making and recognizing the Blogging Buddies in this group! It’s about making friends, so let’s get to know each other!

Stories are reviewed through out every day by our mods (and we’re all over the globe, so there’s always someone awake to watch for group notifications).

As long as you post your badge, and then no more than 2 other story images, then your Story Will Be Approved! 


Join Daily Blog Promotional Trains Daily

Every day we post a scheduled #BlogBuddyTrain of the day. Each post contains an image, description, instructions and helpful how-to links for new members and blog beginners (standardized). Any members can then comment within the thread to participate. All members are encouraged (but not required) to follow and view other blogger’s comments, blogs, and posts within these threads.

Learn More About Blog Buddy Trains (also on our Twitter account daily) and View the Train Schedule



“Where CAN I promote my blog and it’s links then?!”

Instead of Promoting Your Posts on the Facebook Group Feed, Here is Where We Will Support Your Blog’s Promotion! (There’s other Blogging Buddies Communities!)

This group is a place to get help blogging and make blog buddies. There are PLENTY of other groups that are JUST FOR promotion. The Blogging Buddies Facebook Group IS NOT that place.

We trust you guys to PROPERLY PROMOTE your work in these ways listed here! For the last time, This is not just a promo group!

We encourage you instead to promote in the following ways and receive our help daily by following you and your blog, and helping to promote, pin and retweet your content daily!

  • You CAN share post links AT ANY TIME in the Discord Chat under #LINK-SHARE! Learn More
  • You CAN and are ENCOURAGED to share your links and pins in our Pinterest Community! Learn More
  • You CAN tag #BlogMeBuddy on Twitter for RTs (we don’t do this as often as we always plan to, but we’re working out our schedule for you!) 



Our Community Page – Includes a little about each account and each community we run for the Blog Buddy Program and our Blogging Buddies Communities

Our Blog Buddy Trains Guide – A page that lists our daily blog promotional train schedule and official rules for every member to follow

PLEASE NOTE WE ARE STILL IN EARLY STAGES OF DEVELOPMENT – many pages may need to be updated or changed still. We started the website in September as a Blog. But our Communities and Membership opened January 2019 – The ONLY website developer is Lee Bowden. Any and all updates, changes, and edits are done by her alone as a stay at home, work from home mother. Please allow us time to grow, develop, and update pages and information in the following months!


Make A Suggestion or Request Anytime:

Thanks, Buddies!

And all other group admins on facebook and within the Creative Team!

#Rules of #BloggingBuddies

This page was last updated on 2/27/19


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