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The page outlines our Blog Buddy Trains that encourage members of the Blogging Buddies Facebook Group, and our Twitter account, to promote their links and follow other bloggers. In an effort to be consistent and clear, our train threads will be once a day, scheduled in advance. They will include simple instructions, links to learning more (for new members) and the hashtag #BlogBuddyTrain and a request to like the post on Facebook.


Train Weeks Alternate for Facebook and Twitter. For example, if Facebook is on Week 1 rotation, Twitter will be on the Week 2 rotation. So that both of these accounts have something new for each every day giving you twice the exposure daily!


If you would like to contribute a suggestion or request for a train, please do so here!


Blog Buddy Train for Week 1 & 3 

Monday – Goals 1
Tuesday – Twitter 3
Wednesday – all links 6
Thursday – Collab/Guest Post 8
Friday – Facebook 9
Saturday – Bloglovin 12
Sunday – Instagram 13

Blog Buddy Train for Week 2 & 4

Monday – Opt in Offer or Freebie 2
Tuesday – Twitter 4
Wednesday – Introduce Your Blog 5
Thursday – Pinterest 7
Friday – Share a link 10
Saturday – Comment Love 11
Sunday – Instagram 14

Note: The number at the end refer to the image number so that our moderators know what image to post that day. This has no relevance to our members if you are viewing this, just ignore them. Thanks!


Blog Buddy Train Rules & Guidelines

  1. Please drop any related information or links in the comments on each thread once a day
  2. We encourage all members to follow the other bloggers that interest them
  3. Support others by commenting if you have followed or have questions regarding their comment
  4. An easy way to participate is to drop your link and come back the next day and follow all other comments from the previous day, while you add your new link to the new train
  5. Participation is not required, but any and all posts that are “promotional” on the Facebook Group will be removed by a moderator.
  6. If a member consistantly disregards our rules about non-promotional posts, it will be considered spam and the account with be reviewed for fraud/spam. If this turns out to be an oblivious, but real blogger a moderator will personally send a message to them on Facebook. If we do not hear back, and spam continues they will be removed from the group. (This has never happened, but we have removed about 5 fake/fraud/spam accounts in the past)


 Meet the Moderators!


Facebook Group  Twitter Account
Lead: Lee Bowden
Lee’s FB Page: Loving Life With LeeAssistant: Anne Carty
Anne’s FB Page: Forever the WandererOther Mods include:
Vicky Phillips, Kate Erram

Lead: Vicky Phillips

Lead: Lee Bowden


Other Mods include:
Anne Carty


New Member Welcome Post

We post a new member introduction or welcome post when:

  • We have about 20 new members to welcome OR
  • Every weekend, regardless of the number of members to welcome


Click here to View the Official Facebook Group Rules & Guidelines

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