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Developing your blog’s website is something that will take a lot of time, planning, and dedicated effort to create. I have a lot offer and knowledge to share on this topic, but ironically I’m “too busy” to write about it as I’m still in the early stages of this process for this blog myself. If you want to follow along and see what I’m doing behind the scenes, then consider getting the access to our Patreon Feed where I am sharing Screen Cast Videos of me ACTUALLY MAKING THE BLOG BUDDY PROGRAM. Which will include the process of designing this membership website!

During the website development process in the last 6 months, I have done a lot of planning, creating new strategies, coming up with workflows and customizing code. So how can I share that with you? Let’s start with some basics today, and give you access to the public Website Development for Bloggers Trello Board. Which is a simplified version of my own Website Development boards. I plan to add to and grow this board over time for you so feel free to check back on it, if it’s been a while. It’s likely this is not the only time I will invite you to view this board. (Hint: Book mark the board so you can see it any time.)

As well as direct you to where you can learn more about what and how I do what I do for the Blog Buddy Program. What better way to teach you, other than to show you?

I have begun to Screen Capture what I do for this very website, and the communities we offer bloggers. Hang around until the end of the post and I’ll show you 😉

I want to provide you the TOOLS for Developing YOUR blog’s website, and then be there to help you when you want to move forward with creating an optimal website for your readers! So here’s where you want to go: 


Wait we should probably clear up what “website development” actually covers and give you a checklist to start with.



“I’ll give you the tools and you do the work!” – Lee Bowden



What does “website development” mean for bloggers exactly?

Wiki Definition of Website Development: Web development is the work involved in developing a web site for the Internet (World Wide Web) or an intranet (a private network). … Among web professionals, “web development” usually refers to the main non-design aspects of building web sites: writing markup and coding.

How this Translates for Bloggers: Blog development usually refers to the process of choosing a theme, optimizing host and website settings, customizing areas with widgets and other integrations. As well as your post, category and tag structures for blog navigation and page organization.


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Right. Now. That checklist:




  • theme with responsive design for pc, tablet, mobile
  • content format
  • layout and navigation
  • user friendly access and use
  • unique domain, security, and settings
  • strong structure of pages and posts
  • maintenance, backups, and legal precautions and disclaimers



  • find a balance between website speed and being beautifully designed
  • social media and newsletter integration
  • call to actions, purpose, valuable content
  • reason to return and relatability to readers




1. Website Development for Bloggers – Trello Board

I created a Trello Board, “Public: Website Development for Bloggers” that is a version of my own smaller draft. You can view it anytime. You could also, Join our Trello Team and copy the board to use for yourself, check out #TrelloTips !

You can see how that small checklist above is just the start of all this… Web Dev will be an ongoing project for your entire Blog Journey.


2. A Fellow Bloggers Resource Library – Blog Buddy Program’s Favorite Blogging Resources for Subscribers + Free Downloads like my eBook (…about Trello, lol)

When you subscribe to our Newsletter (any of them) you will be sent a Welcoming Series, and provided the Subscriber Password. Giving you instant access to this Library!

Why that matters is that much of what is listed in the Development Board is done with the help of coding, plugins, and account integrations. So being the app-junky that I am, have over 100 links listed in that Library that could really help you with your blog website development!

This is the short story about how a messy mama got her life organized with the help of Trello. A how-to book about using the Trello App to Set Goals and Get Organized!

Get Instant Access to This Free eBook!

I so conveniently have that ready to come your way when you get the ebook I just wrote in the above form, about using Trello…

So it’s a pretty great match up. And not to brag or anything but I think our Blog Improvement Series Newsletter (ever Monday) is really a great Tool in itself! Coupled with our Buddy Program, and your ready to get some blog stuff done, huh?


Learn More About | “Slide to Success”Our Newsletter Subscription OptionsBlog Improvement Series


3. This Week’s Podcast is going to talk about the “First Impression Of Your Blog”

We plan to cover some basic terms and areas of a website. I will post it here for you when it goes public, or you can listen in on Thursday!

Go to Podcast Recording Event on Thursday


4. Read below to find out where I learned how to develop websites and learn custom coding for free.


Check out our Trello Board below for more detailed lists and directions by clicking the image!
It’s public, so anyone can view this board with or without an account!

Click here to Join Our Trello Team and then Go to the Welcome Board to Introduce yourself!

(If you don’t follow the welcome board you will be deleted from the team. Boards are cleaned every Friday. Learn More from KB.)


The Blog Buddy Program is still the “improving development stage” where most of our website is constructed, content is drafted, and settings are set. Currently, I’m one busy Mama, hard at work to build this membership program website. And there’s A LOT that goes into this. So, I hope you benefit from this board as it’s given me much direction and motivation.

I will continue to add things to it and include it in related posts in the “Blog Development” category, so feel free to come back and check on it any time.


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A Note About Learning HTML, CSS and Other Code In Regards to Developing Your Blog Website & Customization, Implementing the Strategies to Meet the Needs of Your Long Term Goals

These days you don’t have to know code to develop a blog BUT…

– It’s useful to know how to pick out certain elements and information about it so that if you need to manipulate or change something you can

– You can save a lot of storage space and speed by hosting images and embedding them to your site instead of hosting large files and graphics in your media library

– There are thousands of plugins that can help you manipulate and customize your website but sometimes you have to know or understand how the plugin operates to understand how to set it’s settings properly


You don’t have to know it all. But I suggest you start somewhere at some point if you want to develop an optimal blog website.


4. So… That Tool I want you to know about is:


W3Schools is “The Word’s Largest Web Development Site”. And it’s been there since the beginning of web pages, and are there to make sure that anyone and EVERYONE has the knowledge to develop an online website, presence or in our case, a blog. So if you are developing your blog’s website and you come across something that you know nothing about, this is where you will find the answer for any website development trouble you beyond a doubt, will run into. 



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5. Screen Capture Videos of Me Blogging!


Become a Best Buddies Patreon Today!

View our Best Buddies Patreon page by clicking here or on the image


Normally these Screen Captures I share exclusively to our Best Buddies Feed so if you like these and could benefit from seeing MY SCREEN AS I BLOG AND DEVELOP THIS VERY WEBSITE. Well, you can! And I really do want to share, help, and support you and your blog. If you can’t tell already?

So occasionally I will share Screen Casted Videos publicly, and you can see them listed on our NEW MEDIA LIBRARY! Or of course, on the YouTube Playlist!

Here’s where you can find our media content: 



6. Talk to myself and our Creative Team in Discord RIGHT NOW! 


Ta-ta for now, #BloggingBuddies!

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Written With Love by Lee Bowden

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