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Buddy Program Introduction Document for Visually Impaired

Version 1.0
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Create Date March 25, 2019
Last Updated March 25, 2019
Buddy Program for VI

Have you ever wanted a blog buddy?

✔ Someone to talk about blogging with

✔ Someone else to bounce content ideas off of

✔ Someone to comment, proofread -- and just read your stuff every time!

✔ Someone in the same niche with similar interests

✔ Someone that's good at the stuff your not good at

✔ Someone that you can help along they way, and share what you know about blogging

✔ Someone to hold you responsible for your blog!

It's basically a "buddy system" for bloggers! Yes, it's free! We encourage bloggers to sign up now, follow the series with your buddy, and see what you both can do to help improve your blogs together!
Please, read each section before submitting the Sign Up Form.

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