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Finding Your Blog Writing Voice: Why You Need One & 5 Tips

One of the most important things you should do to your blog is establish your blog writing voice. I still remember the first time someone commented about my blog writing voice. They said it was positive, uplifting and it was like talking to a good friend. And I felt like I hit bingo, because that is exactly what I want my readers to feel when reading my blog.



So what is a blog writing voice exactly and why is it important?

I’m so glad you ask.

It’s the tone of your blog post. Your blog writing voice is the most organic way to establish your blog’s brand, because it’s a way to convey your personality as a blogger.

Yes, yes. Your blog’s design is important for establishing a good blog brand. We’ve already established that. But, as we’ve also discussed in previous posts about branding, there is more to a blog’s brand than your chosen colors and logo and fonts.

Think about it. The most recognizable bloggers out there aren’t just recognized by their colors and logo and fonts – the way they write is exclusively authentic.

When I think of a blogger with an easily recognizable voice, I think of book blogger and now author, Cait of Paper Fury and her fangirl-y and incredibly smart blog writing voice. I also think of Jordan from Creative Revolt with her no-nonsense writing style.

These bloggers are well-known in their respective niches because of their authentic blog writing voice.



Now how do you find and establish your blog writing voice? Here are five helpful tips you can try.

1) Describe yourself in three words

It’s not surprising that this is also one of the first things you should when building your blog’s brand. As I said, your blog writing voice is an essential aspect of your blog’s brand.

Now, when I say describe yourself, I don’t necessarily mean your physical aspects. I want you to list down the three things you want your readers to feel when they read your blog.

Do you want them to leave your website feeling super motivated? Are you also no-nonsense like Jordan? Do you want to come off as casual as possible?

Your three words will help you with that.

For instance, when I was still figuring out my blog writing voice, I listed positive, friendly and motivating. And from there, every blog post I write is grounded on that rule. Be positive or friendly or motivating or any combination of the three.

Related Podcast | In last week’s podcast about reputational branding Vicky and Lee gave some tips about choosing words that described you, as well as your blog website’s keywords. Which, may or may not be different! (Listen here in a new window)



2) Read as much as you can

Look, I’m not telling you to isolate yourself in the mountains to figure out your blog writing voice. You maaay figure it out through meditating by the waterfalls, sure. But there are plenty other ways to do this without following Buddha’s footsteps.

One of these other ways is to read, read, read.

This is a great piece of advice I got from book authors. While they usually gave this kind of advice to aspiring authors, I honestly believe it’s a great advice for bloggers too. I mean, hello? We bloggers are writers too, yes? YES.

So read books. Read nonfiction’s or fictions. (Steer clear of textbooks, though, because those books are so objective they typically have no soul. No offense to textbook authors, you rock.) Read other blogs and long-form essays on New York Times and Long Reads. Heck, scroll through Twitter threads and long Instagram captions.

Any subjective written material is bound to show the writer’s personality. Make use of that.



3) Create a writing swipe file

This is in extension to the previous tip. Once you’ve read books or blogs or whatnot, take note of the writer’s language. How do they convey their point? What do they say often? Do they use food analogies a lot? (That’s me, by the way.) Do they use parentheses and other symbols? (Also me, obvs.)

Pick out the words and phrases and sentences they use that you not only love to put in your own writing style, but that gives a similar feeling as what you hope to convey with your readers.



4) Do NOT copy someone else’s voice

This is, again, an extension of the previous tip. When I say pick out the words and phrases someone else used that you want to apply into your own writing, I’m not saying you blatantly copy their blog writing voice.

First off, that’s impossible. I’ve read blogs that were clearly imitating a well-known blogger, and it just comes off as unnatural and inauthentic.

Secondly, um… that clearly defeats the purpose of finding your own blog writing voice, don’t ya think?

You want to stand out and be recognizable. You wouldn’t achieve that by being someone else. This is an advice that you’ve probably heard plenty of times in different aspects of your life. Well, it also applies to your blog, friend.



5) Write as often as possible

Like any other craft, you hone your writing by doing it frequently. Practice is key. Try to write as much as you can.

And let’s be clear here. It does not have to be an actual blog post. It can be a journal entry, or a short essay on your love for raccoons. Heck, it could be anything. Just write. One thing I highly suggest is free writing. It’s a great way for you to get comfortable with your writing style.

Think of your blog writing voice as your sword. You have to clean it, you have to sharpen it but you also need to use it often. It doesn’t have to impale a flesh, either. Visiting your practice area is important too. Hit… one of those rubber things they have on the practice – okay, that was kind of a bad analogy. But you get my point: write, write, write.


This post was written #bykate about #bloggingvoice and #writingstyle for Blog Improvement Series 2! 

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Finding Your Blog Writing Voice

Finding Your Blog Writing Voice – Why it’s important and five helpful tips!


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