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Getting Real with Fellow Bloggers in the Bloggy Lobby forum - that's what we do here. The whole point of the Blog Buddy Program is to connect other bloggers, and what better way to do that online other than talk and discuss openly with each other. So here we are, what brought you to our Lobby? No matter, you're here now!  

Welcome to the Bloggy Lobby! 

  Where bloggers can come together to hang out, talk, work, collab, and share their thoughts, troubles, celebrations, and posts.
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    • Heavy Heart of the Writer
      Heavy Heart is a place for bloggers to discuss blogging and the lifestyle that goes along with it. As writers, content creators, photographers, graphic designers, marketers and entrepreneurs. We are many things, but we are all humans who have opinions and things to share about what we do, as bloggers. And more importantly, how we FEEL about blogging, our industry, and our influencers. With one line discussion starters, you're free to drop a rank, resource, post, or opinion about it openly. Please read our Code of Conduct before responding emotionally to any opinions read within a Heavy Heart topic. You can create your own Heavy Heart Topic, just be sure to include the appropriate Title (put Heavy Heart - your title) and tags ('heavy heart' and include #heavyheart in the topic description somewhere). Thanks!
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    • 7 months ago

       Kate Ashley Erram

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Viewing 3 topics - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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