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    • Blog Improvement QA Forum
      Originally this forum was for a weekly series we did in 2018. Now this forum can be used openly as QA for "how to improve your blog". 
      • Leave your blog's link to recieve open ended feedback from members
      • Want to be helpful? Click on links here and provide open ended feedback that might help them improve their blog
      • Have a question about what you should do to improve your blog?
      • Are you at a loss for how to learn about something because you don't know what to search for? How to start? Or who to ask for help?
        Thank you for your participation and feedback. Remember to follow our Code of Conduct. See support centers for assistance. Email directly at any time.
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       Lee Bowden

    • Blogging Buddies Community Forum
      This forum is to support and encourage all of our Blogging Buddies Community Members :)  We currently provide the following areas to support Bloggers everywhere online, outside of our website here: This forum is a great place to get support, ask questions, provide feedback, or make requests for our communities! Please note that our Creative Team is very much available to chat and reply in each of our communities, so this forum is completely optional. If you would like to provide us feedback privately, or directly to the admin please click here. Please be mindful about using the correct forum for discussion. Thanks!
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    • Blogging Buddies Support
      This forum can cover an array of topics that you may need support assistance with regarding being a member of one of our online communities, teams, events or activities that you may have heard about.  So, anything with the Featured Heading Image for Blogging Buddies, can be discussed here. If you have questions or issues with the website, membership, or the buddy program please review the Support Center for FAQs and our Knowledge Base first. Many of your questions can be be found resolved or answered by using Search Bar. If you have a suggestion for Blogging Buddies we would prefer if you instead used our Suggestion Board on Trello (start here). But if you do not wish to bother with Trello then this is the next best place to make Suggestions and Requests. We then will take information from the forum topic and process it within our workflows and get back to you. Although this may take some time depending on the request.
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    • Buddy Program Support
      This is a support forum for our Buddy Program, in which we pair bloggers by niche and what help they can give to other bloggers, and need help with in their own blogging journey. If you have questions after reading the following pages, please feel free to create a topic to get help with the Buddy Program from other members, and any of our Creative Team members openly and honestly. If you have a personal issue or conflict, please Create A Support Ticket or email   Related Pages:  Buddy Program - Introduction, rules, requirements, and sign up form Welcome to the Buddy Program - The Landing Page for new Buddy assignments (must be logged in to view the page) Subscription Options - Including the Buddy Program Progression Newsletter for Prompts, Worksheets, and Progress Reports Knowledge Base for Buddy Program & Members FAQ - There is a section here for frequently asked questions about the Buddy Program
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       Ivy Skeldon

    • Blogging Buddies Hangout Forum
      Welcome to the forum where bloggers can hangout and talk, discuss, ramble, and even promote openly with the other bloggers registered here.  

      The Need-to-Know Blogging Buddies Forum Info:

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      • Some of our forums may be viewable to the public, some are private use for Registered Members Only. This depends on the nature of the parent forum, topic, and discussion. Please keep this in mind when using our forums.
      • If you are not a blogger, but still would like to contribute to our forums you can do so by registering as a Guest. You will be allowed a Guest Forum Profile, but remain inactive in our Blogger Open Membership Profiles and integrations. This is great for those who are business, marketing, or coaching professionals that may want to "give back to the bloggers" out there, by contributing to our blogging-related-forums.
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    • The Bloggy Lobby – A Forum for Bloggers
      Getting Real with Fellow Bloggers in the Bloggy Lobby forum - that's what we do here. The whole point of the Blog Buddy Program is to connect other bloggers, and what better way to do that online other than talk and discuss openly with each other. So here we are, what brought you to our Lobby? No matter, you're here now!  

      Welcome to the Bloggy Lobby! 

        Where bloggers can come together to hang out, talk, work, collab, and share their thoughts, troubles, celebrations, and posts.
      • Heavy Heart of the Writer
        Heavy Heart is a place for bloggers to discuss blogging and the lifestyle that goes along with it. As writers, content creators, photographers, graphic designers, marketers and entrepreneurs. We are many things, but we are all humans who have opinions and things to share about what we do, as bloggers. And more importantly, how we FEEL about blogging, our industry, and our influencers. With one line discussion starters, you're free to drop a rank, resource, post, or opinion about it openly. Please read our Code of Conduct before responding emotionally to any opinions read within a Heavy Heart topic. You can create your own Heavy Heart Topic, just be sure to include the appropriate Title (put Heavy Heart - your title) and tags ('heavy heart' and include #heavyheart in the topic description somewhere). Thanks!
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