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Building Up Your Blog’s Brand

Tips to building up your blog's brand
This entry is part 2 of 3 in the series Blog Improvement Series 2

This entry is part 2 of 3 in the series Blog Improvement Series 2After you’ve created your blog, you can work on building up your blog’s brand! Having a brand for your blog can help your blog stand out from the other blogs in your niche. Here is my best advice for building up your blog’s brand from the start.    Blog Colors The first step is to pick colors that fit your blog’s personality and niche. How much you know about color psychology and the meaning of colors within different countries and cultures can help you make the right color choices. So that you will appeal to your blog’s ideal target audience. 99designs has some great blog posts about picking colors for both your blog’s brand AND your blog’s design. If there’s an image that has the colors that you want to use for your blog’s brand, you can upload it to Canva’s Color Palette Generator. Copy any of the five different color hex codes that it generates from scanning the image. Make sure to upload images with multiple colors. The Color Palette Generator won’t work as well with images that have less than 5 identifiable colors. This works…

12 Weeks to Improving Your Blog | Series 2

SERIES 2 STARTS FEBRUARY 18TH | SENT EVERY MONDAY New Topic Revealed Every Monday Exclusively from our Blog Buddy Newsletter Subscription  Scroll to the bottom of this page to subscribe, or click here for more options.  You may join the newsletter series without being assigned a blog buddy, but we encourage you to register for free membership here so that you can access Members Only Areas such as forums. (It’s just more fun if you have someone to share this personal blog journey with right?) Week 1 | Setting Your Blog Goals & Being Productive February 18th, 2019 Related Blog Post | Setting Your Blog Goals This Year In 4 Easy Steps – #byKate(3) Setting Your Blog Goals This Year In 4 Easy Steps Free Gift | Slide to Success, a Free eBook #byLee(5) Podcast |  Best Buddies Post | February Goals Screen Capture Video & Post *OPEN* Topic Discussion Forum | Report Your Goals & Then Come Back At The End of the 12 Week Series!    Week 2 | Blog Design & Reputational Branding Related Blog Post | Building Up Your Blog’s Brand #byZamaie(2) Building Up Your Blog’s Brand Podcast |  *OPEN* Topic Discussion Forum | Describe Your Blog’s Brand, Currently   Week…