Tips for Setting Blogging Goals | Podcast Recap

In this post, we’ll give you a recap on what we discussed in our recent podcast, Tips for Setting Blogging Goals! 

Tips for Setting Blogging Goals | Episode 7

Your Host: Vicky Phillips
Guest: Lee Bowden


Mentions: Slide to Success, Join us On Trello

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It’s Okay to Get Messy, As Long As You Organized It and Finish the Project

“I find that if I have multiple goals I find that one way or another, I am successful in reaching them,” says Lee early in the episode about goals.

And it’s obvious in episodes like this how different Lee and Vicky are! Where Lee will brain dump and live in the chaos and challenge of multiple projects. Where Vicky sets herself a strategy and sticks to it.

She also talks about what kinds of goals and the types of goals Lee sets. An overview of what kinds of things she does, like Networking and finding time for engaging with your audience.

That talk as well about making social media goals, and how to set yourself focus goals for your blog’s social media. And then, beyond a doubt remember to set multiple attainable small goals each month.



The 555 Strategy to Setting Goals and Making Projects

Vicky makes some great notes about the difference in goals for Instagram versus Twitter as an example before she explains her own 555 Strategy for us to try to set goals and progress through projects.

“Every project type goal is set in 5 stages. In 5 weeks I want to achieve this large Goal. And then break that down into 5 stages… You would then break the stage down into new five tasks, five times within each week.”



Don’t Forget to Reflect On Your Previous Blogging Goals

It’s about refining your effort so that you can continue to be productive and get better through time and practice. Lee has spent a lot of time recently, with trial and error. Trying to find the best way to organized projects and meeting deadlines.

A good example of that is the story behind how Lee pushed to get the Membership Open by January 1st…



The Key To Setting Goals Is To Give Yourself the Amount of Time You NEED to Achieve Each Goal

It might be comical to remember now…. But Lee reminds us why it’s important to give yourself plenty of time, and then some. Life can get in the way, things happen. So allowing yourself enough time isn’t actually “enough time”.


The point is — account for life !!!


Writing the eBook Slide to Success about using Trello to achieve your blogging goals and reach success

Vicky first mentions this ebook during the 555 Strategy outline, as an example of how Lee could have planned it. So we talk about this a little further in this episode about why Lee choose to write this book over other ideas. And of course, how much she loves using Trello for organizing projects in her life now.

This was the first ebook she’s ever written and was really excited about this recent “success”. If you’re interest make sure to check out the Public Blog Website Development Board on Trello from this post!

Through out this episode you can catch a few #TrelloTips



You Ask, We Answer | Blogging Question of the Week

This week’ #BlogBuddyQA is from our Blogging Buddies Facebook Group.

What are back links and how do I drive traffic to my blog?

Resources: Lee mentioned the groups she uses on Facebook to get blogging support and find collaboration opportunies. Here’s a screen shot of a selection of her favorite groups!




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