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We are currently looking to expand the Creative Team to include a more official Facebook Moderator. It would not currently be a paid gig, but you may moderate as your Facebook Page, which may increase your own Facebook Page likes and follows. Blog Buddy Program is currently expanding rapidly, and needs to establish a larger team.

When we produce enough of an income, our team members will begin to be paid either by hour or by project, sometime this year.

Consider this a bit of an internship, as I will provide instruction and training, templates and text to use. I manage the Facebook Page, so much of what can/should be cross shared will be coordinated with me directly. You don’t have to have experience managing a group specifically on Facebook but you must be comfortable following direction, being part of a time, accountable and responsible daily, and friendly! Also, it would be nice of you know about Facebook, how to schedule, and how to manage posting with Pages and personal accounts as a Mod. There may be times when you must use the Blog Buddy Program Facebook Page, versus your own account or page to accomplish the listed tasks bellow.

We would ask you to track your hours to determine what your pay would be, and most likely be considered project payroll, eventually.


Interested in helping in the following areas? Some or all?

+ Scheduling the promo train threads

+ Replying and engaging in member comments on every thread

+ Checking and managing Facebook Group Notifications (and the occasional message we get)

+ Approving members, which includes verifying the answered questions, and occasionally the user applying if there are no answers provided to avoid fake or spam accounts joining

+ Help manage member posts, removing and messaging posters that may unknowingly break a rule (we are a support group, no self promo on the feed, users are encouraged to use the daily threads including Introductions made weekly)

+ Make new members welcome post for every 20 members joined

+ Working with the other admins and mods to encourage group growth and promotion of the Blog Buddy Program

Note: We may have multiple mods, where some or all of these tasks are assigned to different or the same mods as a group effort. I would like to have anywhere between 1-2 mods per 200 users. We are currently 700+ members and there are only 2 official admin/mods. Although our other Creative Team members are listed as admins, they are not currently taking any admin role in the Facebook Group other than “overseeing” as they each have other areas of focus now. Again, we are growing rapidly.


To apply please contact “Lee Bowden” on Facebook directly, and personally. 

Must be a current member of the Blogging Buddies Facebook Group for at least two weeks BEFORE applying.

I will not be making a decision until mid-March although you are welcome to contact me sooner to talk about it, and introduce yourself.

Send me a message with the following:

+ Your experience with managing Groups

+ Your experience with scheduling posts on Facebook

+ Your knowledge of managing and blogging

+ A little about you, your blog, and your current focus on blogging as a profession.

+ Excited and motivated by Facebook  & Facebook Groups

What stage of blogging are you in right now?


Thanks for your consideration! Me and Anne could use the help 🙂 

Have a suggestion for us to improve the group? Join and add to our Suggestion Board on Trello! 


Written With Love by Lee Bowden


To apply for this job email your details to