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blogbuddyp Best Buddies Patreons for BBP

True supporters and members of BBP

We are a free membership website, community, as well as the Buddy Program. To grow and maintain this as a free website for all, we are asking for supporters through Patreon! There are tons of rewards and benefits from only $2-10 a month. (Examples: One of these tiers includes a monthly blog audit for example! Or access to ‘behind the screen’ screen captures of how I blog. Thank kind of stuff!) 


Our first goal, and reward to Everyone because of the support of Patreons will be:

If we get 25 Patreons we will
Open Guest Posting Opportunities
for All Registered Members.


There will be a minimal amount of rules in regards to topic and publishing but we will open to any members to write about: Blogging, Marketing, Organizing, Writing, Technology, Networking, etc. 


Check Out Our Patreon Here

To apply for this job email your details to