Social Media Post & Hashtag Planner Worksheets!

[tds_info]Pro Tip: Keep the year worksheet as simple as possible. Open your social media scheduling tool (see our resource library for suggestions). And every month sit down and schedule all of your pre-planned posts for the month.[/tds_info]

If you don’t have a social media calendar or planner… We’re happy this will be your first 😊


  • If you don’t know how to create your own spreadsheets in Excel
  • If your struggling to plan your week, month, and year

Even if you have an editorial calendar, social media can still be a struggle. Especially if you’re just starting your blog!


This is a completely open, editable and customizable Excel spreadsheet that you can change however you want. 


  1. Start by planning out your weekly post schedule to include things from your blog, your personal life, some media, and newsletter schedule 
  2. Add in hashtags that you are most likely to use on certain days of the week 
  3. On the monthly calendar, add in events, meetings, collab projects, affiliates, sponsorship deadlines, courses, etc. 
  4. Now you can take this all to the final Year Tab and plan out your entire year! 



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