You dive head first into an idea, and before you know it you’re so dedicated to it that you are transfixed on “figuring it out” and making a plan to let it develop. From an idea into a dream. From a dream, into a reality.


And right now, the Blog Buddy Program for me has been a Dream. I’ve spent so many hours now making decisions, and forming plans. Thinking about what bloggers needs, and about what we already have to work with. While gathering my resources and practicing my professional skills as a writer, entrepreneur, and lover of small business.

I am writing to you today to explain the small shift in focus as we begin to implement some dramatic changes in a driven and motivated way.

Essentially we want to create a membership website community for bloggers that allow us all a safe place to make friends, support and encourage each other to improve and continue to blog. With a focus on enabling bloggers to collaborate and network together to create even better and more original content.

No one should have to work alone, and although blogging is a personal journey for all of us. It is also a somewhat lonely one to continue without some social interaction and encouragement from others! And not just anyone, but other people who also blog, and know what it means to dedicate to this creative blogging journey.

What has been the most overwhelming part to decide, think about, develop by far isn’t the website or social media strategies for something like this (a massive community for bloggers). It’s the ability for us to connect together personally, one on one for that intimate exchange of resources, helping each other, and human connection.

The Buddy Program has been unintentionally put aside. We have been interacting with our communities, writing our first blog posts and newsletters. Gaining momentum and figuring how our new, cross-country Creative Team can work well together. And where everyone goes and who does what! It’s all been a massive project to take on. And managing a Team is something I’ve never done! (I think I’m over the early Management Anxiety now, and we now have built a solid ground of trust and support for each other. Friends to me, mean the world. And I LOVE this Creative Team, I couldn’t do this without them!)


I am here to assure you, personally, that we are definitely here to stay and will continue to develop, grow and explore all the ways we can connect bloggers to bloggers with activities, discussions, social media communities and posts.


Here are some of the changes we’re going to be making in the next few weeks:

  • We’re cutting out the “weeks” part of our series because we’ve learned that it puts a lot of “pressure” on us, and our content in an awkward box.
  • We do like having themes and topics, the progressive approach to our content though, so we will have other ways to use this progressive approach: Our Newsletter and the Buddy Program!
  • Our Newsletter will be a personal touch of “Blog Wellness” and written in an educational, progressive, motivational way that will hopefully align with our blog content, events and other things to keep subscribers and members informed and motivated to blog!
  • There will be more attempt to engage with our followers and friends, as well as better support for members and bloggers in our knowledgebase, support areas, and communities. As we implement structured workflows and teamwork going forward.


Our Current Objectives

Redesign and Develop Our Website (now that we know our direction and have an outlined plan for our team)

Develop and Launch the Buddy Program (as soon as possible) to include an Online Email Course you can take together that will help you discover new ways to improve your blog by helping each other progress through the program.

Encourage open engagement, discussion and resources to our members and followers with the help of our website’s support areas


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