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Blog Profile

Primary Niche

Business, Marketing or Blogging

Description of my blog:

An educational community to help bloggers improve their blogs!


Entertainment, Music, or Games, Technology, Professional Career, Blogging for Bloggers

My ideal target audience:

Bloggers Everywhere

Blogging Career

Stage of Blogging

Stage 4 – Professional

Number of Years Blogging

Since Blogging Began!

Time Spent Blogging

Full Time

How Serious Are You About Blogging?

Very serious! I'm living my dream job as a blogger!

My Blogging Goals

Post Times (per week)

Twice A Week

New Posts Schedule

Saturday, Sunday

New Media Schedule

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Youtube Subscribers


Email Subscribers

You can subscribe to my Newsletter on my website easily 🙂

Blogging Style

My posts are generally....

Short and sweet, Long and detailed, Full packed with resources and recommendations

Buddy Program

Give Help

Website Development (layout, plugins, hosting, etc), Setting up & launching my Blog!, Blog Business Planing & Making Blogging Goals, Branding, Making Graphics, and Web Design, Newsletter Email Marketing, Lead Pages & Sales Funnels, Social Media Accounts, Content, & Strategy, Marketing, Promotion, & Improving my Reach, Gaining Followers & Fans, Blog Content Writing, Scheduling, & Proofreading, Monetization & Affiliate Marketing

I am currently MOST focused on improving my blog by...

creating page content here (we're still in early development and design)

I want to learn more about blogging in the following ways:

How to reach and help MORE bloggers

I'm mostly looking forward to Blog Buddy Program because:

I need motivation and inspiration from another blogger, I want to help other bloggers (I don't feel I need much help right now), I have the time to work on my blog full time! I'm down for anything I can do to grow my blog!, Friendship. I'll do anything for a new friend!


Preferred Invitation Email Address


Discord #


Blogging Buddies Discord Chat

I have joined the BBP Discord Chat