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  • verified badgeLee Bowden posted an update 3 months ago

    I don’t know if any of you use Airtable to organized content, ideas, and data for blogging but WOW. I’m busy behind the screen, organizing the machine that is going to help us run the Blog Buddy Program in every way. From blog post content, to scheduling social posts (wow this is a big job!), and our website development. Idk if you’ve noticed, but there has been some cleaning up around here as @zamaiewrites and I prepare to redesign the website, and develop it to support our members and the Buddy Program. Which btw, I am in the middle of writing! So I’ll be launching the Program soon, I’m really hoping that by May 1st, the Buddy Program will be in full swing and assigning Buddies consistently, and powerfully. Very soon!