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Lee Bowden

Blogging Career

Stage of Blogging

Stage 3 – Monitization

Number of Years Blogging

5-20 years

Time Spent Blogging

Full Time

How Serious Are You About Blogging?

Very serious! I'm living my dream job as a blogger!

My Blogging Goals

Post Times (per week)

Twice A Week

New Posts Schedule


New Media Schedule

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

Youtube Subscribers


Email Subscribers

You can subscribe to my Newsletter on my website easily 🙂

Blogging Style

My posts are generally....

Long and detailed, Full packed with resources and recommendations

Buddy Program

Give Help

Website Development (layout, plugins, hosting, etc), Setting up & launching my Blog!, Social Media Accounts, Content, & Strategy, Marketing, Promotion, & Improving my Reach, Gaining Followers & Fans, Monetization & Affiliate Marketing

I am currently MOST focused on improving my blog by...

Creating regular content, as well as focus on building THIS Blog Buddy Program website. My own blog is a "side project" for me personally. I've recently launched a Vlog Diary and that helps inspire and motivate me to blog for ME

I want to learn more about blogging in the following ways:

Right now I'm really focused on bringing the Blog Buddy Program together and organizing our strategy, social media content, and linking the programs, news, and resources together in the most accessible way for our members and followers.