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The Member Center

Welcome to the Membership Center, a place for everything members need to know about their membership status, options, leveling, earning, spending, and everything they'll need to know about our gamification experience. Please understand that we are in the beginning stages of development and new features will be released throughout 2019.

If you have any suggestions to consider, please contribute to our public Suggestion Board on Trello! We're actively engaged and thankful to collaborate with other bloggers openly, you can Chat with us on Discord anytime also. Thank you!

Open Membership | Free!

Open Membership for bloggers everywhere to connect, learn, play and engage in activities and discussions. There are tons of features that unlock by having a Blog Profile here such as joining Groups, earning Coins, connect Friends & Followers, and update your own activity stream.

Of course, you can easily Buddy-Up with another blogger once you've filled out your own profile! It's easy to find other bloggers in your niche, age group, and schedule! Which means finding ways to collaborate and help each other are plentiful. With activities and discussions to join on a regular basis, you'll have plenty of motivation, inspiration and new opportunities to explore!

Our Gamification Experience is one of kind as it's designed to motivate bloggers to progress to new levels and heights in their Blogging Career. Take courses, get involved in the communities and earn coins and level tokens to progress through your Blog Buddy Membership! The sky is the limit here as we customize this unique experience for bloggers to enjoy as they improve their blog with the help of other bloggers.


  1. Register
  2. Confirm your Email address
  3. Subscribe to the Blog Improvement Series
  4. Progress through membership with a blog buddy!


Click here to Register for Free Blog Buddy Membership Program || Click here if you have Registered, Confirmed your Email, and are ready to Login!

Pro Membership | $5 Monthly

Our Pro Membership Program is for bloggers everywhere who what to reach the next level of blogging by Networking, Contributing, and Developing. With more access to content, courses, and unique service centers. With all the great stuff that already comes with Open Membership, additionally, our Pro Members are treated with Priority Care for support, in communities, and suggestions or personal requests.

Access to our QA Help Desk, you can get personal assistance with issues or concerns you may have with your blog. We'll help provide resources, research, and technical help for Pro Members. You may also contribute answers to other QAs from other Pro Members. Access to private groups, discussion forums, and with bonus permissions to help navigate a more advanced atmosphere for Pro Membership throughout your Prop Membership Experience here.

Coming soon, the Networking Center will contain Referral Member Reward and paid Affiliate Program centers. When we reach 100 Pro Members we have plans to start Networking Events for our Pro Members with our Creative Team.


Additionally, these members will take us all to the next level! Want to help make the decisions about "what comes next" for the Blog Buddy Program? Great because you get to help us choose!


Thank you for your contributions, and considering Blog Buddy Pro Membership!


Click here to Register for Pro Membership || Click here to Upgrade to Pro Membership anytime!


Personal Blog Banking

Coin Bank

You will earn coins when logged in as a member for interacting with the site, member pages, and different features. Every Monday, you will earn interest on your earnings, allowing you to multiply your bank.

Earn Coins

Simple things like logging in every day, sending a message, adding a friend, or replying to a discussion topic will all earn you coins. Our Creative Team Leads may manually award coins for your interactions in our communities too! So watch for Bonus Coin opportunities from the Team!


Learn More | How to Easily Earn Coins

Recommended Group | Activities Forum!

Use Coins

Use coins to unlock ranks, levels, courses and more Coming Soon!


Learn More | How You Can Spend Coins

Buy Coins

Coming Soon

Ranks & Levels

Beginner Member

Rank 1 || Levels 1-4

Beginner Member

Beneficial Member

Will be Released in February 2019

Brilliant Member

Will be released in March 2019

Boss Member

Will be released in April 2019

Achievements & Badges

Coming Soon!

The first Badges will be released mid-January. The first achievements will be released early February!


Click the badge to get your own and learn how to use your referral link to earn CREDITS
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This page may be changed or edited as it is still in early development stages. Thank you for your patience as we build and improve our business and website and membership experience