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This page will tell you where you are in our membership program and how to get from here, to there. 

The Blog Buddy Bank

Any time you interact with our website that may be personal to your and your own profile, status, effort, or challenge you will be rewarded with personal coins. You will also earn interest on coins (provided each and every Monday). You may use, spend, and purchase coins in various ways within the website using the #BlogBank(1)

However, as you engage as a member here by making friends, joining groups, attending events, replying to discussions, commenting on posts, and so much more! You will constantly earn yourself leveling tokens, which continually grow, and is how you will acquire new levels, and eventually unlock each Membership Rank! You can watch the leaderboard, and view the top contributors to the Blog Buddy Program Home Environment!


Coins in the Bank

Level Earnings

0 Tokens

Getting to the Next Rank

We provide a Membership Gamification Experience here in which member engagements with our website, triggers a reward. This reward will often be a Leveling Token, which can lead you into the next level, and eventually the next Membership Rank! 

There are only FOUR RANKS TOTAL. Each Rank has FOUR LEVELS. You must progress through each level and complete all of the required action steps. Along the way you should earn a high enough Token Level, and Saved enough Coins to Unlock the next Rank.

There are lots of Articles written in our Knowledge Base about all the details of our Gamification Experience for Bloggers. Members can always refer back to the Beginners Course at any time.

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