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Have you heard? We're working on launching a full-featured membership community here at Blog Buddy Program!

Official Announcement

Become A Tester!

In December we will be accepting testers for membership features! We will be giving full access to our features to make sure the user experience is ready for open registration for any and all bloggers out there! More details coming soon!

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Membership Features - Coming Soon!

Just to name a few...

Personal Profile on BBP
Niche Blog Groups
Chat, Messages, & Notifications
Discussion Forums
Educational Resources
Join Events & Activities

And most importantly...

Full Member Support System
Knowledge Base Center
Secure & Safe Website Access

By hitting submit, you agree to be contacted personally by to send you the Testing Access Information during pre-launch
You will be given access to the website's full membership features including Pro Membership access. To get grandfathered access to Pro feature you will be required to finish certain tasks during the testing pre-launch phase. After our official launch if you have not completed the testing tasks, then you will be
Consider this your "application" section. Testers who complete this section in detail with valuable feedback will DEFINATELY be approved for testing as a founding member.

Full Site Security & Member Support

Security for our website to support our members is the highest priority to us as we create this membership community. We are taking every detail into account to enhance the user experience to provide a safe and secure community for you.

We have implemented an SSL Certificate and full SMPT Syndications and reCaptchas on registration and all other forms. Soon, we will be hosting all of our own forms (goodbye google forms) allowing us a much more secure way to collect and secure your user data. There are several other security measures installed as well on the backend.

This is the main reason that we are limiting our pre-launch to select testers and are taking our time to launch by January 2019 publicly. We need to make sure all of our security measures are working flawlessly for you before we take on mass amounts of peoples data, right?

By our official launch (2019) we will have an official support system for members, knowledge base center, legal pages and policies (Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, and Code of Conduct).


How can I receive release details for the official launch?

Join our newsletter so that you can get the most out of your current membership, and receive insider information each week about what we're up to! If you're already subscribed, then keep an eye out for this Monday's newsletter!

Are you guys going to have to go into "construction mode"?

We have no scheduled dates of construction at this time. We are trying to keep the website live for you all during this set up and installation phase. If we HAVE to, we will only go into construction mode for a few hours at a time. In that event, just come back in a few hours or catch us in Blogging Buddies Facebook Group.



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