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Welcome to the Blogging Buddy Program, where you can connect with other bloggers. And make some blogging friends to help you along your blogging journey. To help us all better connect, we have created a fun way to introduce each other. But we’re bloggers, so there’s always some steps to take right? First, agree to the terms described below and then follow the rules.


Make A Friend is a Referal System

In any business, you must heavily rely on word of mouth, your reputation, and the ability to build a Referal Network to bring in return clients. And in our case, subscribers! To be successful at retaining your referrals, you can build a Referral Rewards Program. Bloggers can do this too by way of a newsletter or exclusive offers and discount codes. But what about connecting with other bloggers?


This Referral System is currently “in the early stages” of development.


The general idea is to make a list of bloggers here so that any member can easily connect with other members, organized by niche. Although our creative priority right now is creating our new 12 Week Blog Series for you! Stay tuned!


Any and all suggestions and ideas would be welcome!


Right now you can view the Bloggers Activities page to connect with others!

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