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This is our primary, default email list that gets the most important updates from the current series, the blog, the website new resources and blogging recommendations. Subscribers are encouraged to subscribe to this list if they want all the Blog Buddy Program news and updates.

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This is the 12 Week Blog Improvement Series! New Series Newsletters are sent out on Mondays! Click here to Review the Current Series. 

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This is our "members only" news letter. When you subscribe to this list, your information is verified by our Team that you are indeed a Registered BBP Member. If you are not, you will be moved to the News & Notifs list. This list is for our Registered Members of the website and includes all the most relevant news and announcements including new features, knowledge base articles & how tos, our best blogging tips, and SO MUCH MORE!

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If you have signed up to get your own Buddy in our Program, then this list is how you will recieve your weekly Buddy Prompts and free upgrades such as worksheets and more. Alternatively, you can sign in and check for new blog posts for Subscribers & Members Only. But the email makes it easy for you to get all the information, and start the next conversation with your assigned Blog Buddy!

If you are not currently assigned a Blog Buddy, but your a member and want to receive the prompts and worksheets to use for yourself. That's totally cool with us! 😎 

Other Newsletters Available

 Wednesday Blog Wellness Check | Currently being offered to our Best Buddies only, as we test and hone this newsletter to perfection.

Best Buddies News Report | Our exclusive news report for Best Buddies, which includes a complete summary of every single thing produced by the Blog Buddy Program and it's communties. A complete resource library, all at once at the end of every month you pledge as little as $2.00 on our Patreon Page.

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