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Thanks for subscribing to Blog Buddy News! Here’s what you could do next.


1. Sign up for a blog buddy


Oh, but that’s much to obvious, isn’t it? Let’s try again


1 || Add to your safe list in your email program

That’s more like it, in fact, if we’re sitting in your spam folder right now, you should probably go save us into your contacts.


2 || Check out your first exclusive freebie, mentioned in our first post. That you get to be one of the first to use.

Download the Blog Buddy Plan, by Lee Bowden here. And tell us what you think!


3 || No seriously, sign up for a Blog Buddy! Connect with other bloggers!

If you have an assigned buddy, that means that you can now join in on all the awesome opportunities listed on the activity page! Sweet! Feel free to add any ideas, collaborations, or opportunities you might have too!


4 || Last but not least, and possibly the most important. There’s a Secret Resource Library!

The only secret is, is that it’s not actually password protected or anything. It’s just that, well… We work really hard on gathering resources. Sharing them with just anybody? Well, we want to focus our attention a little bit more on the people who are putting forth the effort to learn and to build their blogs. So we save this access for those who really will USE IT!

So have fun digging through the Resource Library here.

Now that you know it exists, you can bookmark it for use any time (even if you leave us completely, you can still use the library). We only ask that you respect it’s value by not promoting, advertising, or sharing this link in any way with any one unless they are also a Blog Buddy! Thanks for the respect. It’s a pretty cool thing, that we’d like to keep open to those who opt into Blog Buddy News.


Thanks again for subscribing and participating in the Blog Buddy Program & Newsletter.


Oh hey, I almost forgot! Just so you know, we answer every email response we get from the newsletter. So if you have questions or want some help, don’t be afraid of the reply button. We really will respond to every email and message.

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