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You have control of your Subscription. We are currently working on enhancing our newsletter experience and are open to your feedback! And your suggestions, if you have any to share click here.

We want you to be able to control what kind of content you receive in your email inbox. This page is meant to accurately describe your options so that you may have the best experience with your Free Blog Buddy Subscription.


Introducing our Blog Improvement Series, 12 Weeks of outlining a dedicated and motivating journey together as we learn to improve as bloggers. Each week a new post and podcast is released related to the Weekly Topic. You can review the current series here. When the first series is over, a new 12 week BIS will start! You can jump right in at any time, feel free to review what you might have missed so far if your new here.



Buddy Up! Find Your Own Blog Buddy!

A newsletter specifically designed to lead Buddies who have signed up as each other’s Blog Buddy, can both subscribe and experience a super fan and entertaining email course to use together.


Blog Buddy Hideout!

A special newsletter just for the Members of the Blog Buddy Membership Program. (Registered Open, Pro, or Sponsors of the website only!) This is soon to be insiders look at what’s going on with members, activities, and forums. As we start to build the community, we plan to take a deep dive in with our members and put together a personal news series.



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