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Commenting Rules

To adequately support the blogging community we ask you to follow these simple, friendly commenting rules and guidelines. Let's be honest, we are extremely thankful to our readers who comment on blog posts, or social media content, join discussions on our blogging forums and chat on our public Blogging Buddies Discord server. You will never be "required" to comment or reply, but you will be rewarded coins from our gamification experience!

Pro Tip: If you are a member already, we recommend you comment with your Membership Account while logged in to WordPress. Be sure to link your emails and blog to Gravatar for the best user experience and blogging professionalism. This is detailed further in our Beginners Membership Course and is Required for leveling up. 

Blog Buddy Commenting Rules

  1. Be kind
  2. Be honest
  3. Be helpful
  4. Be respectful
  5. Be loving
  6. Read our Code of Conduct

Please Remember This When Interacting Within BBP:

  • We are not directly responsible for what is said on the site via comments.
  • You can report any comment, reply, or message on our website, communities, or accounts by submitting a support ticket. You can register for an account easily (and for free) to submit a ticket. To become an official member you would then have to follow the instructions and confirm your email to progress. Otherwise, we appreciate you reporting any activity that is breaking our Code of Conduct, Privacy Policy or these Rules and Guidelines written here. You would not be required to take any further action if you so choose.
  • We can and we WILL ban or block IP addresses that misuse, mistreat, or hack our program, our website, communities, servers, or accounts should the need ever occur. We hope not 🙂 You guys are awesome
  • You can contact us any time at 

Comment Data

We use Disqus & WordPress Commenting systems. : disclaimer, details, and privacy policy in detail.

Resource | Read the Disqus Terms & Policy

We promise we won't troll, take, or misuse the information provided in the use of commenting and discussions.

Comments are screened by a Spam Blocking Plugin and go through manual approval by our Creative Team, the Content Creators & Member Moderators.

Spammy, unuseful, unrelated, rude, crude, or harassing comments will not be published.

Opinionated, related, or aggressive/passionate commenting is allowed if it is respectable and follows our Code of Conduct!

What's Next? Please Read Our Code of Conduct!

A list of all public legal pages, policies, and documents for the Blog Buddy Program and it's Blogging Buddies Communities:

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