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Let's just be honest and admit that we hang out on Discord A LOT! In fact, it's where a number of our Live Events throughout the week take place such as our Live Podcasts


  • It's free to join
  • Discord is available on all your devices
  • Download the free mobile app (android or ios)


You can click the icon on the left, or if you want to learn more you can check out our Introduction to Discord here. 


Chat Server is open 24/7!

I am an active member of the Blog Buddy Program!

When you are logged in as a member please feel free to send us a message!


Member Managers || @LuvLifeWLee and @VickyPhillips

You may use our Public Relations Public Contact Gmail account to directly contact us at any time. This account is managed by Lee Bowden, but incoming contact emails will be forwarded to the correct Creative Team member as needed.

Public Contact |


You may notice that our internal email notifications and newsletter comes from our Hello email address which is actually securely hosting our email service providers. Any responses initiating contact to us, is directed to the Public Contact email address mentioned above.

Official News Host |


PR Managers || Lee Bowden @LuvLifeWLee & @VickyPhillips

If you are having trouble with an internal website feature, function, or action please submit a Support Ticket after visiting our extensive Support Center which includes Knowledge Base articles and instructions.

IT & Web Development || Lee Bowden, @LuvLifeWLee

I am actively looking for feedback to improve the experience of the Blog Buddy Program! Any and all suggestions are welcome! Thanks - Lee

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