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We do not currently sell our products or services as we are still in the early stages of development, growth, and design. So yea, everything is free for everyone.


We also don’t: 

Run Ads on our Site

Use Pop Ups

Offer Pay-Required Content, Services or Products


(We do lock some content with a password for Subscribers Only on the website, but as value as your email address can be to us, it’s not money is it? = Free content for anyone with an email address in some cases.) 


What this does mean is our team is not getting paid to produce this. Some of our team spends only 5 hours a week on content. Where others are putting in more than full time hours and a number of late nights to build the Blog Buddy Program. This is Our Story.

To continue to grow, and produce an income we have and use affiliate links for services that the team currently uses, or has been used and reviewed (and loved) by at least one of the team members by recommendation (if not several). 


The only other source of income is by donation from Patreons at


There are benefits to you as the donater/pledger for each level of donations per month.


What’s so great about this?

YOU get to CHOOSE where and how your donation is spent! There are benefits to you, as a thank you for your continued support and dedication.


If you see the value on what is going on… Then maybe you even become our next sponsor? Learn More…



Our Best Buddies, Bloggers Like YOU can make this place with us for Bloggers Everywhere <3

Consider becoming a best buddy starting at only $2 a month, and help us make the different to bloggers everywhere! Plus, there’s bonuses and benefits to you too! Including non-published, exclusive behind the scene videas of the team, and of us blogging! Choose your tier and benefit and help make the difference!


Go to Our Patreon Page! 


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