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Discussing The Purpose of Having A Blog Facebook Page + My Top 10 Facebook Tips For Your Blog’s Facebook Page

The Purpose Of Having A Blog Facebook Page

In this post series, we are answering what the purpose of having social media accounts for your blog is. “Every blogger should use social media to market their blog,” by why? Today I’m taking a closer look at Facebook and when you should start your own blog Facebook page. I’m not talking about marketing and promotion here, I’m talking about why you should or shouldn’t have a Facebook account for your blog and what kind of purpose having this a Facebook Page for your blog is. And what effect it might have on you.


Answering questions like:

  • What you need before you begin your blog’s Facebook page?
  • What kind of content you should post on your blog’s Facebook?
  • How you can maximize your engagement with Facebook users?


Are you ready to get personal with your content? – Lee


“What’s a Facebook?”

When every some who DOESN’T know what Facebook is, I feel like it’s assumed like it’s “A Facebook” and that cracks me up!

That assumption is that Facebook does just one thing, and to answer this “What’s A facebook is impossible.” Facebook is a multifunctional, intelligent, personal networking, data base of information accessible to every part of the world. Connecting people through media, text, video, comedy, news, money, and has EXTREMELY engaged users. And by users, I mean the human race.

In simpler terms: 

Facebook is a place for family and friends to connect online to share photos, stories, and coordinate events and activities together. Users often share their own life stories, personal opinions and their favorite [_insert first thing you can think of here_] because – they can. Coming into 2019, and Facebook is fighting a serious battle against fake news, spam, bullying, and scandals as they attempt to control the opinions of the entire planet. Oh, and there’s slowly many more ads creeping into our feeds, and they are extremely well targeted! This is because Facebook systems have some of the most advanced algorithms online. Their computers and servers hold some of the largest amounts of Personal Data and actively use it to provide targeted information to their users.

Most people get scared of Facebook right about now, because of it’s true potential to control the world or at least, influence people so strongly. But before we get scared, we need to remember that Facebook is connecting everyone across the globe personally. Facebook’s groups, engaged commenting threads, and tons of games and activities. There’s nearly nothing this platform doesn’t offer its user. There is no other social media account that will ever compare to what it offers its users, and its free (and I strongly believe that it always will be, so help them fight the spam and report that fake news guy!)

[tds_council]The following descriptions are written for the blogging and social media beginners who may not be familiar with the social media platform at all. For personal or professional use. [/tds_council]

What is the purpose of having a Blog Facebook Page?

Knowing that the users of Facebook are going to be emotionally engaged with their own account, and be inclined to follow and like pages that trigger their interests and desires. People who Like a Facebook Blog Page are most likely a blogger themselves, a personal friend of the blog author, or have liked and appreciated a post or posts they have seen from the blog and want to see more of them.

Understand that much of social media is not seen by its followers. Social media account streams depend on a number of factors, and like Pinterest, Instagram, and even Twitter, it depends on what that user has Liked, Watched, and commented on in the past. These personal interests have told Facebook what the user wants to see and interact with, and that is how their stream is built.

[tds_council]Try It Out: Go find a friend that you have on your Facebook that you happen to never see posts from. You’ll notice that they do actually use Facebook, but you will not recognize their posts because Facebook didn’t show them to you. If you like what you see, try liking or commenting on a few posts. The chances of this person’s posts showing up on your news stream sometime again this week is much higher than it was before.[/tds_council]

Keeping that in mind, let’s realize that your Blog Posts on Facebook will not be seen by a very large audience until you managed to ENGAGE your Facebook followers! Encourage them to like, comment, or use your post in the desired way every post because if you don’t captivate those who DO SEE your post, then there is not much of a chance that they will see your next post.

Unlike Twitter or Pinterest, it is not wise to share multiple posts an hour, especially at the same time like you can on Pinterest or Instagram. You are much better off posting 3-5 times a week and making these posts meaningful and deeply thought out.

If you are planning to share multiple times a day, make sure you have one post that is your Primary post for the day. Other things can be shared such as links, pictures, quotes, interesting articles, and even videos that you like. Just be sparing with these shares on your blog’s page. (Your followers will thank you.)

[tds_info]Pro Tip: You can save content that you see to a list, and then revisit your saved content to share it later at any time. This is helpful if you’ve already shared a video that day, but find another one to share later. This way you don’t have to go searching for it, you can just go to your saved list and share from it tomorrow. It can be really hard to “find that one video” you saw in your stream as news travels fast, really fast, just like Facebook! Unless you know where to look, or whos profile it was you saw it on, or you saved it. Good luck![/tds_info]

With that said, this is why it’s important to brand your content and put your logo on images and shares whenever you can. So that if they can’t remember your account’s name, at least they can recognize your photo or logo when they are looking for you later!

When to start a Facebook Page for Your Blog

If you’re a Facebook fan and hang out there a lot in your personal time, then having a Facebook Page for your blog right at the beginning makes sense so that you can quickly gain a following from your friends and family. You’ll be surprised at how supportive your “old friends” can be online when they visit your blog and leave personal comments.

This is great exposure and brings more valuable readers outside of your friends, because of the personal responses you get. On the other hand, if you’re not comfortable with your friends and family seeing your blog, then I would not even publish the Facebook Page, you can go claim your name but your page will not be published until you update it and manually select “publish”. I would not try to “hide” your Facebook Page, it’s a public page and this is totally against the purpose of having a blog Facebook Page. If you don’t want the likes and follows, then don’t publish your Facebook Page.

If this is simply not a concern for you at all and you are interested in starting a Facebook Page, and already have a personal account then I would start your Facebook Page and claim your blog’s username here.

[tds_council]Forum Topic: Are you comfortable with your friends and family reading your blog? Is this enough of a reason to keep you from creating your Facebook Page? Why is that?[/tds_council]

It’s important that you already have the following decided when you start your page:

  • A blog logo
  • A branded header image
  • At least 5 posts you can share in your first two weeks
  • Schedule at least 2 posts a week for the first month
  • Already joined some Facebook Groups, and have gotten to know where your readers are on Facebook

You know you’re not ready to start your blog’s Facebook Page if:

  • You do not have any blog content or a website
  • If you do not have a blog domain name for your website
  • If you have not created a brand (logo, header, profile pic) etc
  • If you do not have any ideas for posts
  • If you do not know how to share posts to your personal account, page, or in groups
  • If you do not know of any Facebook Groups to join as a blogger or do not know if your audience can be found here easily

You do NOT need to know to start a Facebook Page:

  • How to make graphics (as long as you have a logo and header to use)
  • How to use apps
  • How to start or maintain a Facebook Group (this is always optional and is not recommended until your ready to lead an entire group of people on Facebook or have a strong fan following)

My Top Facebook Page Tips:

  1. Don’t worry about using hashtags or other technical marketing techniques in the beginning. Just write posts like you do for your blog, but mini-version and include the link. Post!
  2. Write more than a paragraph in your posts, and don’t be afraid to personalize your content, “Here’s what I created! Look what I did! What I made! Who I am! What I believe!
    + Remember that confidence and positive posts attract positive vibes and comments. Where negative or powerful posts, will encourage some peoples aggressive, defensive, or opposing views to emerge into your comments.
  3. Remember how public this personal platform is. Be careful and respectful to others, and in return, you will cultivate a very rewarding and personal following here
  4. Engage in Facebook Groups and you will see how powerful human connection can be. Give back as much as you take from these groups
  5. Keep your personal profile as private as you can and don’t accept just anyone’s friend request (even other bloggers). Thus, you can Publicize your Blog Facebook Page better! So that people who want to know more about you, have to know about your blog!
    + Link your page to your profile in the About Section of your Personal Facebook Profile Settings.
  6. Follow your blog’s niche interests with your blog’s page.
    + You can choose to like or share or comment as a profile or page.
  7. You can edit, modify, delete, schedule, turn off comments, pin, and moderate your page and your stream. I advise you pay close attention to your own news stream and try to comment back.
    + Set your notifications and link your phone to notify you when you receive a comment, but set to not bother notifying you of likes or other small annoying triggers. In this way, you can rely on your notifications for better engagement, instead of ignoring them due to constant overwhelm.
  8. Inviting your friends or followers or group members to Like Your Page is a POWERFUL way to gain a head start in Page Likes!
  9. You do not need to create a group for your page. In fact, unless you have a strong fan base or have a strong idea of how to cultivate group interactions to relate members to each other, I advise against you creating a group for your blog. Focus on marketing your content on your page and personalizing your brand.
  10. Consider sending media from your other accounts, directly to your Facebook stream! Every time you share on Instagram, share that photo to your Facebook Page also! Same goes for videos on YouTube or content you write from anywhere. Share this to your Facebook page, as an ongoing news stream for everything you create for your blog! 

Honestly, I could go on and on about Facebook, as it’s one of the most (if not THE MOST) diverse and complex social media platforms. If you are not ready to fully engage with your audience, write detailed and personal posts, share using resources regularly, and follow whatever curveballs Facebook users throw at you. Then I suggest you hold off on this one until you’re ready. Focus on Twitter first, the users there are much nicer. Plus, you can’t mess up with only 260 characters to use on Twitter!

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The next big question is: What do I post on my blog’s Facebook Page?

But… What can you NOT do or post on Facebook and Messenger in 2019?

I simply employ you to be creative with your Facebook content, and how you relate it back to your blog. You can share other peoples things to your page. And you should always post a description and link to any new blog post or other content you create such as photos on Instagram. With the added photo filters, personal stories and the well-integrated Messenger SMS app, there’s truly no limit to what you could do with your Facebook Page.

It truly is an amazing free account that will allow you to better network your personal brand, gain very personal followers that engage with your page if you give them a good reason to.

The better question is: 

How can you use your blog’s content to influence people, connect emotionally, and encourage engagement here?

That is the true question, my friends. Once you figure out what purpose your blog is fulfilling for yourself in your own life, this is the kind of content you can share on Facebook. Use those feelings, that story, to reveal your blog posts and encourage feedback from followers. And then continue the discussion by replying, liking, and reacting to new comments and blog visits.

If you are a social person, comfortable sharing your thoughts and opinions, listening to others and open discussion then you will love having a Facebook Page to share to!

Once you start understanding the difference between your personal, and blog account then you can begin to ask yourself very regularly while surfing Facebook news, “Should I share this with my family and friends (privately) or should I just share it with my followers and the world?”

I’ve found it very rewarding to be inspired by Facebook’s user responses to emotional trials and struggles. And then to be able to research, write a blog post, and share it back to that audience as a blogger is so great. Facebook is one of the best places to learn about what people are feeling, struggling with, and ignorant of. So that you can understand how your blog posts will be understood, used, and what purpose your blog will serve as an answer to their problems.

Forums instead of Commenting (coming soon) ||

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What are the first 3 things you should do for your Blog’s Facebook Page?

  1. Fill out the profile and review all settings. If you don’t know what to choose, then don’t change the default setting.
  2. Add your bio, profile pic (from your website bio), and branded images to your photos such as logos and a header with descriptions.
  3. Make a warm welcoming post describing your blog and introducing yourself. This way, when/if someone ever loads to the bottom of your timeline this is what they see.


Here’s the truth: Your blog CAN do just fine without Facebook. There are a number of reasons this platform may not work well for you. If you’re not ready to share your content with the world (or at least, not your family) or you are focused on learning another platform right now. That’s all fine because Facebook is a slow process for most of us and it can be challenging to remain so personal.

Personally, I probably spend the most time on Facebook. As I’d say, “Facebook is where my heart is”.


Written With Love by Lee Bowden

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Do YOU have a Facebook Page for your Blog? How do you use it? How often? Leave us a comment below!

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